welcomes as our guest today Josh Mitchell. Josh is a director, writer and an indie film maker and the owner of Wickid Pissa Publicity, a full-service public relations, marketing, branding, and events firm. He is also known for his films, Helen Keller Had a Pitbull (2013), Vintage Vehicle (2014) and Frank Flutie (2015)

Josh has become one of the most in-demand indie publicists in the entertainment industry because of his distinctive and pioneering expertise in the film, fashion and lifestyle arenas, providing an overall fresh approach to an otherwise predictable business.

Norm: Good day Josh and thanks for participating in our interview.
Josh: The pleasure is all mine, Norm.
How did you get started as an indie film maker and what motivates you to shoot films?
Josh: I've been making films since I was a kid with my friends and I'm motivated by eccentric stories and unique people. I like to lift up rocks and show the world ideas that are arcane and off the beaten path.

Norm: How do you recommend film makers break into the business?
Josh: You have to knock down doors in this industry instead of waiting for the knock on the door. The best way to break through is to create your own content and announce yourself to the masses. Do not wait and hope for some arbitrary opportunity - create your own.

Norm: What is the difference of the independent film market inside vs. outside of Los Angeles?
Josh: There is a reason why all of the film studios are located in LA. It is the belly of the beast and where the bulk of production and TV shows take place. On the flip side - technology has now allowed any talented and resourceful individual to rent or borrow a digital camera, shoot your film, upload it to the web, and market it to the world.

Norm: How has the independent film market changed in the last five years?
Josh: The biggest change has been the technology and level-playing field of production. Anyone can make a film now with the help of crowd funding and there are vast options for distribution now that didn't exist a few years ago. I bring my films to the marketplace through Vimeo Demand. They offer creators 90 percent of the profit which is unheard of with traditional mainstream distribution partners. You can watch my work HERE 

Norm: Should aspiring film makers work on creating award-winning short films before jumping right into making features?
Josh: Yes. Shorts are a great and economical way to find your creative aesthetic. You learn how to tell a story, construct scenes, and bring a piece from A to Z. They are also great calling cards to generate excitement for your work which can leads to investors putting up the money to finance your feature film.

Norm: How does an indie film make a living and what sort of return can the writer/director expect?
Josh: Everything depends on your marketing. It comes down to who you have in the film, how good is your trailer, and have you exhausted all of the social media options. It is not easy to find an audience in today's murky waters of perpetual content.

Norm: Are you conscious of any particular influences on your film making?
Josh: My biggest influences are my life experiences. Where I travel, what I eat, who I meet. My goals when making a movie are to ingest as much of myself into the piece so it is a personal and authentic creation.

Norm: What was the most challenging indie film you have made to date and why?
Josh: They are all difficult and challenging because of budgetary and time constraints but my latest action film
Hemorrhage was specifically hard due to the physicality and the fact that I played a hockey player and had to ice skate which I hadn't done in over 25 years. Fortunately, I didn't fall once. It will be released at the end of the summer on Vimeo Demand.

Norm: What is an indie publicist and why would anyone hire one? What are its benefits?
Josh: An indie publicist is a publicist who works outside of an agency. They are an economical options for indie artists who can not afford the $3,000 retainer of bigger companies. The benefits are grand. You get a PR professional championing your allure to the masses, building our branding, and adding credibility to your endeavors. I charge $500 for a one-month aggressive campaign and my results are fast, furious, and guaranteed.

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Norm: Can you talk about what artists in the entertainment business can do for themselves to garner media attention and what must they look out for when hiring a publicist?
Josh: The best steps that artists can take are attending red carpet events, maximizing social media, and networking with filmmakers and producers to encourage working synergy. The smartest thing to do when looking for a publicist is to see what they do for their other clients. If you feel like it aligns with your mission - it is a good match.

Norm: If people are going to invest in publicity services, what’s the best thing for them to invest in?
Josh: I think the best first step is to invest in securing a host of interviews because it adds credence to your brand. If someone Googles you and there are a plethora of articles - it legitimizes you as an artist.

Norm: Where can our readers find out more about you and your indie films and publicity services?
Josh: You can learn more about me and my clients on The Wickid Pissa Blog 

Norm: What is next for Josh Mitchell?
Josh: I am gearing up to direct a feature film to submit to the Sundance Film Festival in September and I am working hard to complete the final installment of my gangster film The Convicted in August.
Norm: Thanks once again and good luck with all of your future endeavors.
Josh: I appreciate it all, Norm.