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Author: Robyn Carr

Publisher: Mira Books

 ISBN-13: 978-0778317494


Creating a life and safe haven for her son is Lin Su’s primary concern and hope. But, dealing with her own insecurities, identity and rigid standards that she created for herself in her professional life as a health care professional can often curtail her son’s efforts to thrive and her own life. Within her realm of life Lin Su finds herself insulated and isolated except for her son Charlie. Although Charlie is plagued with asthma and is constantly reminded that he needs to watch his energy level and not excerpt himself, he might fall short in physical acuity but when it comes to intelligence and his ability to endear people with his intellect, computer skills and smile he’s far above most teens his age.

Winnie Banks has ALS or Lou Gerig’s disease and faces many days where she cannot walk or even lift a glass. With Lin Su as her nurse and primary health caregiver she soars. Surrounded by her daughter Grace, her husband Tony and members of her staff that help keep her alert and moving, Winnie provides not only a job and health benefits for Lin Su and Charlie but also a special friendship that goes beyond employee and employer. Lin Su has trust issues and from a young age she felt abandoned, alone and unwanted when her birth mother could no longer handle her care and she was forced to have her adopted. But, her adopted father really had no interest in her and the two sisters that she had from these parents paid her little of no attention at all. When Lin Su became pregnant with Charlie she lost not only the father of the child but her entire family too. Strong willed and determined to handle life with her son without any interference from anyone she managed to survive taking menial jobs, going to school and becoming a certified home health care provider. Winnie Banks provided that safe haven for her financially and her staff help  Charlie to control his asthma.

Charlie is quite smart and has a mind of his own and pretty soon he and Winnie become pals. Someone would change it all as triathlete Blake Smiley moves into town finding that Thunder Point is the right place to live. Just meeting Lin Su changed him and the town with the amazing people made him feels warm as he enters Winnie’s house for the first time and becomes involved in her life and that of her family. Lin Su was a single mother who did not like others taking charge over her life or that of her son. Coming from a Vietnamese background remembering just small parts of her past she entered a world as a young child adopted by rich parents that provided her with an education, material things but no love. Not allowed to speak her home language and forced to learn English Lin Su became isolated, alone and part of a world that was austere, cold, clinical and lacking her own identity. Working for Winner Bank’s Lin Su learned about ALS, how to help her patient deal with her daily basics and hoping to shelter Charlie from his past in order to deal with his present. But, Charlie and Blake became more than fast friends and when Charlie was attacked by some bullies and Lin Su’s trailer was ransacked Blake too the initiative to go after the thugs even though he placed himself in danger. Having to train for several meets and waiting for his trainer to show up, Blake hoped that he could provide some type of safety net for Lin Su if she let him. But she is proud, single minded and always mindful of her place or station within Winnie’s home. Things change rapidly when her home is no longer safe and her attraction to Blake and his to her is evident as author Robyn Carr brings to light many important issues dealing with family loyalty, trust, hope, isolation, pride and dignity when comparing Lin Su to many other single parents. But, when Charlie starts asking questions about his heritage why does his mother insist that he take a step back. Without her consent he researches his family and with some help he finds his aunt and a line to Lin Su’s real mother.

Charlie is smart and in order to overcome his asthma and lack of physical strength will Lin Su allow Blake to help train him? Will she understand his need for independence or will she make the reins even tighter? When Winnie takes a turn for the worst, when her own doctor feels her independence is going to be curtailed will Lin Su step up to the plate and be there for her? What happens when Charlie wants to go away on a boy’s weekend with his mother? What happens when Lin Su learns that Charlie is digging deep into his past and that Blake knew? Deceit, lies, betrayals and definitely hopes for a future together will the bond that they shared be broken? Blake and Lin Su will they be able to over their obstacles and live out their Wildest Dreams? Author Robyn Carr brings awareness to ALS, asthma and raises the bar with this outstanding romance novel.