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Author: Maximus Freeman

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 978-1-5043-2529-5

                    Principles for a Journey Through Life: Uncovering Self-Worth

This is a book that chronicles the story of the author’s journey through life as manifested through the principles that he followed, to go from an arrogant, bullying young schoolboy to a living embodiment of virtue. Crucial to this transformation is the uncovering of his own self worth, while pursuing these principles of what he calls “consciousness archaeology” wherein he digs deep inside his own consciousness, to find among other treasures, his own self worth, through uncovery of his Inner Genius that would protect him from falling into his vices of yore.

Every journey towards uncovering the Inner Riches of the Self, is unique. That is true of this book as well. This book stands out among others of its kind, in the advocacy of what  he calls “belieflessness.” By practicing belieflessness, which is “a very deep sense of knowing nothing for certain, going with the flow and  practicing a complete absence of resistance to what is”, humility and consciousness archaeology, which is “the deep and mystical exploration of our conscious and unconscious minds, with the intention of uncovering the core of our being that is the natural state of pure innocence”, we unlock the key to our true self worth and our whole life changes.

The contents of this book are divided into three parts.

The first part deals with uncovery of our true self worth. To this effect, the author invokes our state of consciousness when we entered this earth, a state of pure innocence and belieflessness. This deep sense of knowing nothing for certain while going unresistingly with the flow, precludes ideas of good and bad and is the key to our true worth, our innate self. The author takes up a discussion on impediments to this state of consciousness, such as perfectionism and judgmentalism and explains how one might circumvent these barriers through the practice of self- forgiveness, of listening to our intuition (our Inner Teacher), of being open to our own vulnerability, in which lies our genuine power, and of letting go of the need for desired outcomes. The journalism mechanism is a tool that is advocated repeatedly and excerpts from the author’s own journal are included to illustrate his premises.

The second part of the book deals with how we can intentionally move towards the light, and, according to the author, is a six step process, involving recognition, acknowledgement, intention, attention, implementation and manifestation. The author shares his own journey through his journal entries, wherein he pleads with the Universe to help him find his way. The answers are provided in Q&A form and are very instructive in exploring many truths, e.g. showing practically how negative emotions can be kept at bay, what a spiritual partnership is, and many other questions, among them, how to uncover our Inner Genius that serves as a protective shield against vice.

The third part is a summing up of all of the above, along with some concluding remarks.

This is a book that will appeal to most people because of the clarity with which it has been written, especially in its much needed tidings of original innocence, (as opposed to original sin) and how to get there through self-forgiveness. It is free from confusing mystical content requiring faith in the unseen, except in the certainty of the presence of the Inner Self to which we all have access. As stated above, this book should appeal to all kinds of people, mainly due to the honesty and integrity of the material and the unparalleled vulnerability the author displays in revealing his own negative traits and behaviour and how he overcame them. The length of the book is also inviting, only 77 pages.

Warmly recommended.