Follow Here To Purchase Missing Persons: A Life of Unexpected Influences

Author: Bruce Piasecki

Publisher: Square One Publishers

ISBN: 978 0-7570-0412-4

This book took the longest time to review, mostly because it is likely that some readers would like to keep going back and forth a lot keeping up with the philosophical streaks in what can be called routine or everyday events of one’s life. Now this is a very surprising subject to explore because after all ‘routine’ or ‘everyday stuff’ is not supposed to have anything deeper embedded in them and hence it is not required to be pondered over, but this is what is done here and it has been done reasonably well!

The reader will find that the book is pleasant to read as the writer takes him on a tour of his life. Therefore, it was expected that the book will have a friendly tone and indeed it has been achieved with flair. The book is very simple and strewn with philosophical moorings with friendly tone liberally used to keep a reader enticed in the writer’s struggles, happiness and also his sorrow. While reading, a reader will not feel like a peeping tom or an outsider but someone whom the writer trusts, this has been achieved to the point that it seems that the writer, Bruce Piasecki, is someone one knows well and he wishes to engage us in a little chit-chat about his inner thoughts.

The book is refreshing, the vocabulary is interesting but not difficult to understand, and it helps that the book does not dwell too much on ‘preaching’; all it does is to highlight a point and then it leaves a lot of things subtly which is why a book like this will click with the masses (no one likes a sermon!). The book is not too lengthy, except that some portions can be revisited for savoring (entirely on the discretion of the reader). The writer is indeed gifted, but sometimes despite everything it may seem to a reader that a break is essential while going through the book and it mostly has to do with new details that keep cropping up. But it can be said that this book won’t ‘bore’ or ‘bog’ anyone despite it being autobiographical in nature. He has the creative hand that knows what to put where, and that is one reason to try this one. Of course, those who have little interests in autobiographical works may like to overlook this book but for the sake of good storytelling, clean writing, and good editing do not give this book a miss.