Follow Here To Purchase Braha: A Tale of Innocence & Intrigue

Author: Julie Mangano

Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN-10: 1494943379

ISBN-13: 978-1494943370

Braha’s cover of a lamb looking straight at us will most certainly remind the readers of one of poet William Blake’s masterpieces, ‘The Lamb,’ and it won’t be wrong on their part to assume that the innocence quotient would be liberally used by the writer here. But I would like to say that it is this very part that is somewhat lukewarm in the book, and that we can even say that it is mostly ignorance of one’s own self and his/her family tree that takes the spotlight. In between the book, some may also find it to be a little less 'emotional'; this will pinch a little more considering that it begins with a tragedy; Linden who is the main character finds her world turn topsy turvy when she hears of the death of her beloved grandfather. But somewhere down the line, her grief does not evoke any sympathy for her which is a let-down in some ways.

Anyways, the subsequent events point towards something deeper and sinister and the suspense thickens. In the end, the central character finds out not just the real reason for grandfather’s demise but also about her background. The book is racy and the vocabulary is powerful. The plot is very different and is nowhere linear, the characters keep the readers on their toes and the book is crisp, but as I said earlier, while reviewing the only thing that some may find amiss is the emotional quotient of the book and its lack of evoking them with a bang; we get a whimper mostly and then we move on to the next stage where again, alas, it is a whimper!

Now having said all of this, let me reiterate that it must also be said that Julie Mangano has delivered an excellent book and that it is nowhere boring or lacking in its ability to hook a reader. Add to it is the extensive research and the effort taken by the writer to make everything simple for a reader to understand. In short, it can be said that the book has a great potential and is certainly a one-time read to say the least, and the best part is that once the reader knows that the story (in this part) has ended, it is likely he would crave for more. This is the best compliment that any writer awaits for, and this is the compliment that Julie Mangano rightfully deserves to be bestowed with.