Follow Here To Purchase Spiritual photosynthesis: The dynamics of biblical meditation as the master key to total prosperity

Author: Pastor Jerry Kofi Tutu

Publisher: Create Space

ISBN: 9781494867737

                                  The Bible and the Law of Attraction

The first thing I noticed about this book is the amazing energy with which it has been written. The author’s spiritual vibrancy speaks for itself as a carrier of the message delivered in this book. I am not a Christian myself,but the basic insights that this book conveys would even resonate with all diehard atheists, though the latter might prefer to replace the words “God” and “Jesus” with words of their own choosing.

In this book, the author takes up photosynthesis as a metaphor for spiritual growth in the physical world. The seed is regarded as the incorruptible and unchanging word of God, more specifically the promises made by Him in the Bible. According to the author, “..the word of God is infused with spiritual power, a power that can be activated only through faith... As a seed, it needs to be planted in the fertile ground of our hearts where gestation would take place..” As in the physical world, a seed needs light, water and a good soil to grow, in the spiritual realm, analogous factors need to be present, so that growth and photosynthesis can take place. The equivalent of fertile soil is the heart of man, embodying his subconscious mind. The author invokes again and again, Jesus’ parable of the sower. In this parable, the sower sows his seed. Some falls on stony ground, some others by the wayside, where the birds could eat them, some fell on thorns and some on good soil. The connection to the kind of heart is obvious, even the best seed cannot grow if it falls on stony ground.

The equivalent of “water” is also the word of God as per the author as “it hydrates and waters the seed of the word sown in the heart….washing all the impurities out of the way”.

The analog of “sunlight” in the parable of the seed is an enlightened understanding of the word and its power “and the word became flesh and dwelt among men”.

All this is accomplished by the believer through constant meditation on the word of God. Interpreting what Jesus said, (“(Of the harvest), some received thirty fold, some sixty and others received a hundredfold, based upon the measure of meditation, attention and diligence given” ), the author declares that it is meditation that would make the difference between one who has and one who does not, and one who has something and one who has more. Many useful tips on how to meditate are provided as well.

The Law of Attraction demonstrates that what you think you get. This is exactly what the author is saying, with deep and constant meditation, including visualization, on the word of God as given in the Bible, all obstacles to getting what you want, melt away leaving the residue of the seed that was planted.

This exercise in deep meditation in order to actualize your dreams is not confined to Christianity alone. At least, Hindu doctrines preach this as well (see Dr. Susan Shumsky’s books for lucid explanations of this). I don’t know much about Islam, but I’m sure that somewhere in their scriptures, there is some teaching on how to manifest legitimate desires aka the Law of Attraction, given that both Christianity and Islam have a shared past.

If you honestly believe that the Bible is the last word in all situations and on all subjects, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, if you go to church regularly and listen with interest to what your pastor has to say, then you will find help and comfort while  reading this book. You will also improve dramatically your skills in manifestation, for the logic is faultless. If, like me, however, you are jaded and disillusioned with Life, impelled to actualize a truth that you cannot grasp or define, and burned out with hearing platitudes about a so called He-God who is supposed to love you unconditionally, of original sin and an evil Satan ruling over Hell, stay away, this book is not for you.

Recommended with caution.