Author: Steven Rigolosi re
Publisher: Ransom Note Press
ISBN 978-0-9773787-6-0

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Androgynous Murder House Party by Steven Rigolosi is due out on June 15th, 2009. Mr. Rigolosi is author of two other books. (Who gets the apartment? And Circle of Assassins) One of those two was read and reviewed by Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures, who told me that it was quite a good read. Because Mr. Goldman had a good feeling about Mr. Rigolosi’s previous book I decided I would read and review this one. I contacted Mr. Rigolosi’s marketing and publicity director, Mr. St. John, who was charming and officious, and sent the book out to me right away. Thank you Mr. St. John! 

Mr. Rigolosi speaks to you, the reader, through the eyes of his lead character Robin Anders, who happens to be a person of wealth, intelligence, and means. Robin works at a prestigious and influential foundation in New York City that helps to open many doors that aid in his/her solution of this mystery. The story begins with a gathering of friends for a weekend at Robin’s Long Island holiday home. Many of the characters have been friendly and involved, romantically or otherwise, for decades. Many also appear to have held back deep and dark secrets from their other loyal friends.  As the plot moves forward some of those secrets unravel and set the stage for the questionable murders and various mishaps of other unsuspecting victims and/or friends. Through its many twists and turns it becomes increasingly unclear who is party to this dastardly plot and who may remain a loyal friend.  

Ms./Mr. Anders and his/her friends has a penchant toward prescription drug dependency casually prescribed by their therapist, but somehow they make that dependency seem witty and necessary due to the circumstances that his/her life progresses through over the duration of this book.  In his/her semi-drug and/or alcohol induced cloud or burst of sudden clarity Robin endeavors to connect the dots that continue to be stolen, misplaced, murdered, or duped. Midway through this game of who dunnit and why, it appears that only Robin remains uninvolved or entirely without motive. The Anders character possesses the senses and sensibilities of an expert sleuth even under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs by effectively and efficiently ferreting out the murder(s) by storys’ end. 

Androgynous Murder House Party is well written, has a zany cast of characters, and weaves a believable thread of deceit amongst people who thought they were friends.  The story flows logically from beginning to end and never quite betrays what sex any of the characters are until the bitter end. (and even then you may still be guessing)  

Click Here To Purchase Androgynous Murder House Party: Tales from the Back Page #3