Follow Here To Purchase The Inn at Ocean's Edge (Sunset Cove Novel)

Author: Colleen Coble
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-07180-3122-0

I didn’t live on my own in the woods for a solid year when I was only four. Someone had me while the entire state was searching for me. Why did they keep me? I have to wonder if there’s something bigger going on,” Claire ponders in Colleen Coble’s novel, The Inn at Ocean’s Edge.

Book one of the Sunset Cove series, this three hundred and thirty-six page hardbound targets those who enjoy Christian mystery with romance. Using one slang word and no overtly sexual scenes or graphic violence, the topics of marital infidelity and murder may be inappropriate for immature readers. The ending includes eight discussion questions, a note from the author, acknowledgments, advertisements, and the author’s biography.

With over two million of her books in print, award-winning author Coble has written dozens of romantic suspense novels and mystery series. Living in Indiana with her husband, she is CEO of American Christian Fiction Writers.

In this current-day story set on the Folly Shoals island of Maine, twenty-nine-year-old Claire Dellamare is at odds with her wealthy parents when they meet at the Hotel Tourmaline to complete a significant business merger. Accidentally learning she was lost at the same hotel when she was four years old, she is mystified to uncover she was missing and unexpectedly returned one year later, yet she has no recollection of the past.

Dealing with panic attacks, Claire’s life is in jeopardy more than once after she witnesses a murder. In circumspect, she begins to have flashbacks as she tries to put the pieces together from when she was a child.

After meeting Luke and his sister by helping them nurture an ailing orca back to health, Claire wonders about her strange family history and how the siblings’ mother plays a part in it. With other witnesses living in the area after twenty-five years, each prompts her to dig deeper into her childhood whereabouts.

Grabbing hold to her new relationship with the unpretentious Luke, Claire must find out who she is and how her family and others were involved in her upbringing. Luke, yearning to move away again, is forced to refocus on what and who is important to him.

By carefully reading, the ending scenario could be guessed although there are many unexpected twists and turns in the plot. Coble promotes how God brings together a family by genes or happenstance for His purpose.

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