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Photographer: Stephen Posen
Publisher: Glitterati Incorporated
ISBN: 978-0-9903808-4-9

One aspect of an image may provide the complimentary content to another, revealing a truth that only exists in the space between the two selected images. I selectively and subjectively juxtapose photographic information and propose a new reality,” Stephen Posen explains in the afterword of his book, Ellipsis: Dual Vision.

At two hundred and sixteen pages, this oversized tabletop hardbound targets those that enjoy a collection of paired photographic items. After a preface by Alexandra Posen, a foreword by Colin Cheney, an introduction by Scott Indrisek, and an essay by Zac Posen, 174 artworks are provided. The ending includes an afterword, index, appendices, and acknowledgments.

Author and professional photographer, Posen is also a painter with an eye for noticing patterns within art and everyday occurrences. Focused forty years in photography, his drawing and painting background aids him in his worldwide travels as he captures mainly innate objects, finding beauty, tension, and differences between them.

Like the grammatical ellipsis, the concept of what can be taken out of something and examined is the focal point as Posen lines up two artworks side-by-side on one to two pages. Concentrating on pairs, two images have something in common somehow, be it by color, size, shape, topic, or even exact opposites. The idea is for the viewer to concentrate on why the artist selected the pairs and what makes them similar.

Having traveled to Cambodia, China, India, Ireland, Morocco, and Turkey, this New Yorker gleans familiar to sophisticated shots from locales, artifacts, landscapes, animals, and flea markets. Mostly avoiding human beings in his camera lens, he snaps pictures of tadpoles, a pool umbrella, a high school hallway, a tombstone, garden shadows, or alligator paws to name a few.

With no words or explanation, the subjective artistic interpretation is totally up to the reader. While some paired photographs are easy to decipher such as the consistency of tubing between a giant squid and pool floats, one may be forced to spend more time questioning how a slide lecture on a ship relates to a Disney Store. One color, shape, or pattern may be the link that joins the two ideas.

Having the helpful index with thumbprints of the artwork explaining what each picture is titled and where it is taken makes it easier to understand the artist’s thinking and correlation. With a flag sticking out of a golf putting hole next to a woman’s painted face during fashion week, one viewer may see patience while another considers anticipation or exactness.

Typical to art, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder; this book would make a good conversation starter at a party or intimate gathering, trying to interpret the artist’s intentions as paired patterns are discussed and determined.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and Glitterati Incorporated for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.