Author: David K Kortje’s
Publisher: Parson Place Press; 1st edition
ISBN-10: 0978656776: ISBN-13: 978-0978656775

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David K Kortje’s The Unseen War:Winning the Fight For Life is 151 pages beginning with the words: "So many have contributed so much in this life that God has given me."  After listing those who have helped the writer in his journey for the project, he mentions the readers- something I rarely see included in  a book.

In the Preface the writer mentions that he cannot sleep, it is 4 a.m. and he is now awake as he considers why, when he asks: "Lord, do you want something."  It was that moment, as he states, which led to the writer receiving a clear answer from God.  The result of his question and answer resulted in six months of thinking, writing and at last offering 

Kortje’s The Unseen War:Winning the Fight For Life   is divided as follows: Acknowledgements, Preface and 14 Chapters listing, The Red Pill, Gerry, Paradigm, No Ordinary Guy, Flesh, Light, Ears, Together, Surrender, Wounds, Retreat, Boot Camp, Casualties, Why.

Chapters are prefaced with a Biblical quotes followed by Kortje’s own words.  Chapter one, The Red Pill states an often little thought about obvious which does bear repeating:  Life is hard. The writer points out that yes, life is hard, and life is a time of struggle, hassle and complication, plus the writer feels, as one becomes closer to God, the struggles, hassles and complications only increase.

From that beginning Kortje explores his understanding that Christians are in warfare against a real, if unseen, enemy.   He talks about Temptation, Creativity and Authority, he discusses the Sons of God, Heart Issues, in addition to, Paul and his prayer that Christ give Christians a Spirit of Wisdom.  What is God Doing, is asked and answered, Jesus’ relationship with mankind, as detailed in the Gospel of John is explained, along with an explanation to the question Why is addressed.

Within the pages of The Unseen War:Winning the Fight For Life Kortje explains why he feels Spiritual warfare is one of the least considered aspects of the Christian life, even though, he reveals, it may be one of the most noteworthy aspects to be considered. Kortje is convinced that the lack of concern is due at least in part to what he considers to be a gross underestimation of the situation causing many Christians fall prey to demonic  manipulations. Kortje, states in plain terms that he is convinced that there is an enemy who hates mankind, and why.  

Rather than a feel good book encouraging readers to believe that Christians must only believe and all will be well, Kortje is upfront in his belief that there are times when no matter how deeply the reader believes, how often the Christian  prays, confesses, hopes or thinks, bad things can and do happen. That is a difficult truth to consider.  Kortje is quick to point out that even in the midst of all; Jesus remains close and provides grace to see the reader through the hard times as well as the good.

Kortje’s The Unseen War:Winning the Fight For Life is a understandable, enlightening book, filled with a potent message of hope coupled to imagery intended to  awaken readers from a religious stupor in preparation for their facing a real battle with a determined, unseen foe who will throw roadblocks, misunderstandings and half truths in their path.

Basically, the focus of this work is the war Fundamentalist Christians are taught must be waged with Satan coupled with the writer’s understanding that God does call upon His people to do His work.

The Unseen War:Winning the Fight For Life is a well written, edifying work sure to be well received by the Christian reader who is seeking meaning and hope especially in time of struggle. 

The above review was based on an ARC copy of the book. 

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