welcomes as our guest today actor, producer, screen writer and director Jerome V. Green.  Jerome's acting credits include Rollers, Raising Arizona, Waiting to Exhale, Punt, Hoop Soldiers, NoScore, Dog Eat Dog, 420 and The Governor.

He has also acted in television, commercials, voice over, and theater. Runners is his most recent work which he directed, produced and directed.

Norm: Good day Jerome and thanks for participating in our interview.

Jerome:  Good morning and thank you for having me..

Norm:  How did you get started in acting and what keeps you going? 

Jerome:  Well, as a child I watched my older sister perform as a singer and I wanted to do that.  But I guess you have to be able to sing first..  So, I ventured into acting, because I felt it still fed my craving for entertaining.  

Norm:  As a follow up, what was your training as an actor and do you specialize in any acting technique?

Jerome:  I attended Larry Moss Studio, Edgemar Studio, Plaza Three Academy,  workshops, and individual coaching.  The majority of my training was in LA and I continue to participate in workshops, locally and in LA.    I was taught under a few techniques,  Meisner, Strasberg and Stanislavsky.  

Norm: What sort of parts have you been drawn to and why?

Jerome:  I enjoy to breakdown different characters, but I really love the dramatic roles more so.  I believe I'm well rounded, but I have been cast for more roles that are geared toward police officers, or as a coach.

Norm: How has your environment/upbringing influenced your acting and writing?

Jerome:  Well,  as I was growing up my environment was pretty rough in terms of violence, and drugs.  I was exposed to a lot of things, which lead me to grow up rather quick..  So, watching my sister, and the Jackson 5 influenced me to make a change before it was to late.

Norm: What are the qualities in actors you most admire?

Jerome:  Believable, passion, determination, and when they make choice and stick with it, 

Norm: Could you tell our audience something about your most recent work, Runners and what motivated you to write the story? Where did the title come from?

Jerome:  Well, here's a snap shot for you...  When two drug dealers decide to infiltrate a local youth track club, they will stop at nothing to sell their product.  By recruiting the young kids from the club and using the batons as a vehicle to transport and distribute drugs, all seems to be working smoothly.  Standing in their way is “Coach Archie Miles” who has a completely different plan for these inner city kids.  You won’t want to miss this action packed drama when the two factions clash to a dramatic conclusion. 

There are some similarities based in my own life. I wanted kids that are in low income communities understand that they also can break those chains and they have choices. Runners is the perfect definition of our everyday hustle and struggles. Running to chase that dream, fast money, running from something to something whether it's good or bad!!

Norm: Did you write the story to express something you believe or was it just for entertainment?

Jerome: I wrote it based on something I believe..

Norm: What would you like to say to actors and writers who are reading this interview and wondering if they can keep creating, if they are good enough, if their voices and visions matter enough to share?

Jerome:  Run and capture your dreams and make them reality!!  Never give up despite what someone may tell you how hard it might be...

Norm: Where can our readers find out more about you and Runners?


Norm: What is next for Jerome V. Green?

Jerome:  Pre-productions with my next project, a comedy called Realtor.

Norm: As this interview draws to a close what one question would you have liked me to ask you? Please share your answer.

Jerome:  Nothing comes to mind, I think you did an awesome job!!

Norm: Thanks once again and good luck with all of your future endeavors.

Jerome:  No problem and look forward to talking to you again..