Follow Here To Purchase Enlightened Blooms: Solarized Diptych Floral Photographs

Author: Brad Oliphant
Publisher: Glitterati Incorporated
ISBN: 978-0-9903808-3-2

The character and visual appeal that the flowers radiate had been transformed. The silver hues and distorted colors offered new palettes for exploration. This was it! This is what I needed to share,” Brad Oliphant explains in the introduction to his book, Enlightened Blooms: Solarized Diptych Floral Photographs.

At one hundred and sixty pages, this oversized tabletop hardbound targets those that enjoy beautiful depictions of floral designs that have been altered. Complete with a clear plastic protective cover, illustrations grace almost every page. With no table of contents or index to look up the flower’s name, the book ends with acknowledgments.

Author and professional fine art photographer Oliphant has been taking pictures of fashion, commercial, and nature for over forty years. This being his first publication of photography, he focuses on a topic that has touched his heart for decades: flowers.

After a forward by Russell Hart and an introduction, there are almost one hundred and fifty pages of artworks showing blooming flowers. Some flowers include the allium, anthurium, bleeding heart, calla lily, cosmos, dahlia, hibiscus, orchid, rose, tulip, and zinnia. While there are four pages dedicated to one type of flower that has both its botanical and common names, there may be six pages concentrating on another or more than one set of dahlias or roses illustrated.

Instead of taking the standard artistic approach, the photographer has produced pictures that are over-saturated, over-exposed, and diffused that may initially seem awkward to the viewer. However, keeping the pages open explores the exquisiteness of the incredible colors, textures, and designs found on a petal or stamen.

Sometimes there are color reversals of stark white tree trunks against multi-colored Jackson Pollock-style backgrounds of the weeping cherry or Georgia O’Keeffe looking roses. The solo parrot tulip has one full-page of a pink flower showing grayed details against a white background opposite a deeper pink one set on a black surface. More interesting are the full-page photographs of the vivid dahlia hortensis, impressive moth orchid, and captivating southern magnolia.

This stunning, artistic book would be cherished by lovers of photography and flora as it shows expressive arrangements that engage the viewer to stop, slow down, and observe God’s beautiful creations that surround us every day.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and Glitterati Incorporated for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.