Author: Donna Kristine Manley
Publisher: Christiana Press
ISBN:  0-9777835-0-2

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Deploying the word resumes in the title of the book may immediately turn one off, as there no doubt exists countless number of books concerning resumé writing. However, I doubt if any of these books are addressed to children seventeen years old and under. In fact, who would even think of sitting down with your child and preparing his or her own resumé? What’s the point? And here is where Donna Kristine Manley puts a bee in your bonnet with her Resumes for Children 17 Years Old And Under Yes, Really!

According to Manley, and I tend to agree, by helping your child prepare their own resumé you can boast their self-esteem as you will be taking the time to capture their accomplishments, activities, gifts, talents, and interests which would all be reflected in a written document. As Manley goes onto say, “Your child will certainly feel good about himself or herself.” Another sound reason proffered is that the child can use this resumé within the context of academic programs wherein sponsorship may be required, or where he or she may be applying for a scholarship or a fellowship. It can also be used when entering a competition or seeking admission to a particular school.

To exemplify the broad scope of possibilities where these resumés would come in quite handy, Manley presents her readers with twenty-one different creative prototypes that carefully balance different aptitudes, experiences and education adapted to a variety of scenarios. For example, let us say your child is interested in attending a writing camp, however, he or she may need a sponsor who would be willing to foot the bill. In this case you would collaborate with your child in drafting a resumé that would look something like the “Aspiring Writer” model included in the manual.  Briefly, this resumé mentions how the child has helped others improve their reading skills, the child’s contributions to a school newspaper, additional studies that the child may have pursued, their participatory activities such as a children’s book club organizer, spoken work event organizer and the results that transpired, and perhaps the child’s community work as a liaison. If applicable, you may also want to include past attendance at a young writers camp, as well as their computer knowledge, education and awards. At the end of her manual, Manley also provides some sample cover letters that would state the reason for the letter, reference to the resumé and the hope that financial assistance would be forthcoming.

As for references to include in the resumés, Manley mentions the following: school teachers and administrators, athletic personnel whom your child may have been involved with, your clergy, community service personnel and family friends.

The final pages of the guide present some prime advice and interesting avenues to explore in order to assist your child enhance their resumés.  These recommendations will not only help your child in polishing and improve their skills but may possibly facilitate their securing a part-time job or a volunteering position. As an example, Manley tells us that if your child is an aspiring graphic artist why not research possible art classes, children’s art contests, art shows, businesses that will display a child’s art, and corporate art competitions. She even proposes the in-home art exhibit. 

Technically, Manley’s approach works very well. Resumes for Children 17 Years Old And Under Yes, Really! is definitely a wholly accessible and creditable manual, and moreover, it offers rich opportunities for you and you child to explore the many options wherein a resumé would play a vital role.  

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