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Author: David Thomas Roberts, Author

Publisher: Defiance Press

ISBN: 978-0-9905439-1-6

David Thomas Roberts, author of A State Of Treason, is an Illinois native (as am I). (2014, insert) He moved to Texas in 1967 where he and his family visited the Alamo on a regular basis and he developed a deep love for the state of Texas and all things Texan. Mr. Roberts is CEO of a technology firm located in Houston. He holds one patent and one patent pending. This is his second novel and takes off where the first left off. (Patriots Of Treason) (2014, bio insert) David Roberts is married with four children and one grandchild. He lives in Montgomery, birthplace of the Lone Star Flag. (2014, inside back cover)

A State Of Treason, is a clash between political ideologies and local/federal government’s use of power and authority. Set in the Fall of 2014 this novel pits the governor of Texas against the president of the US because of schisms created within the national electorate by organizers of the Tea Party. Texas lodges that the President is contemptuous of all things ordained by our Founding Fathers and enumerated in the US Constitution. Basically, way out of line and desperately in need of checking/impeachment.

As tempers flare and disputes escalate Texans decide they want to secede. The President declares martial law with intent to prevent Texans from voting on this referendum. Texas lashes back by voting for secession and setting the stage for a “re-born Republic”. Newscasters around the globe are recounting this history making news report while Scotland, France, and Ukraine already acknowledge the sovereignty of Texas. The President is frantic to resume control. What will the future of the US be? What will become of Texas as a new Republic?

Each chapter of this novel begins with a quote from someone famous and I really enjoyed reading them and trying to determine the insight this chapter might intermingle with the knowledge and advice that quote imparted. One of my favorites is from Alexis de Tocqueville, a French Political Philosopher. “A democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax can escape the obligation to pay it.” (2014, p.40) Another great quote comes from Tea Party organizer and leader, as well as, former Texas Congressman, Ron Paul. “Why is patriotism thought to be blind loyalty to the government and the politicians who run it, rather than loyalty to the principles of liberty and support for the people? Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it is wrong.”

I have visited Texas numerous times and found her people to be equally as passionate about all things Texan as the author of this novel. I enjoyed thinking about how this scenario might play out in real life and believe you might too.