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Author: William R. Forstchen

ISBN: 978 1 62578 154 3

Publisher: Spectrum Literary Agency, Inc


What would happen if everyone had to follow uniformed rules and free thinking was outlawed? What would happen if the few ruled the masses and if you disobeyed you suffered the consequences? After reading this novella the author hopes to ignite a charge in the American people, the government and anyone that has the power to stop what any terrorist group would like to inflict on us. Day of Wrath was written by author William R. Forstchen for the purpose of making us more aware and takes action to protect our children, our country and ourselves. Enter Chamberlain Middle School and hear the cries of the teachers and the children as three gunman enter the building and slaughter and kill innocent children and adults.

Bob Peterson has a premonition that something was about to happen but he did not know when or where. ISIS and many students attacked the schools in Syracuse and teachers were killed. The planned attacks were well thought out, methodical and deadly. Throughout the novel you hear many different voices. Bob Peterson’s from the moment he says goodbye to his wife, takes his daughter to school where he also teaches and kisses his young daughter Shelly. Writing his morning blog and voicing his opinion about racism, hatred or thinking about the Oscar awards and the fact that the news if really more entertainment than fact, Bob Peterson decided to press send before leaving for work saying goodbye to his wife for the last time.

Bob stopped himself before entering the school and decided that he would come prepared so he decided to break federal and state laws and carry a weapon into the school. Security is light in his school. Some would be unprepared for what no one would expect. This would be a day that would create fear, havoc, death, destruction, and betrayals and bring to light the true meaning of the word HATE! Popping the magazine, double checking their was a round in the chamber he walked into the school, ignored the gun free zone signs and hoped his premonition was wrong. 

Next we hear the voices of those sent to kill. Infiltrating our society and learning to assimilate was easy for these young men. Their English and mannerisms impeccable. With pleasures denied to them in life they hoped that when sacrificing their lives they would be given all that they had missed. The journey you will learn was long and hard and the road was coming to an end but the hate, the fear, the destruction they could would linger way past whatever happened to them. Living it up on the American dollar, partying, vacationing and learning form the victories of their enemies these young men enveloped themselves in technology, hacking and joining the ranks of ISIS. As you read pages 20-28 you learn more about how they operate, their plans and how they were alerted about the attack. Yet, America was not totally asleep and one young man would send warning signals and messages all the way to the President but would it get there in time. As four units of terrorists were sent out. Cell phones activated and four hours to Sword One: Fours and a Half Hours: ALLAHU AKBAR! is there slogan. God is greater" or "God is [the] greatest". Allahu Akbar  is their mantra.

As Bob enters the teacher’s lounge, gets a text from his wife Kathy telling him to watch the news but one teacher seemed bent on watching something else. As Bob fights for the remote he spies something outside: three men covered with masks, entering the school and what happens next is graphically described that the reader can visualize the carnage, deaths and fear in the eyes of the students, teachers, Principal and guard first hand. 

When the terrorists enter the school what Bob does is more than heroic. Never really considering what might happen to him and hoping Kathy was save, he forges ahead, instructs his daughter Wendy as to what she and other students need to do and prays that they will be safe. A story so heartbreaking, compelling and although fiction, the events are not far from true. News reports flashing people on the highway, trucks jackknifed and an organization so heinous, so radical and vengeful that what you read and visualize in your mind is nothing compared to the reality of it all. As Chamberlain Middle School is under siege and Bob comes face to face with a terrorist what he does will shock readers the end result bring more than tears to your eyes. As parents of many students run wild trying to find their children. Panic sets in and warnings are heeded over the air but few listen. What would have happened if Bob never went to school that day? What would have happened if Kathy had not tried to find him? 

Play acting, staying in hotels, killing staff and finding it all amusing as we hear the voice of the caliph as he views his work on the screen, sits back and gloats as so many die. Americans shouting angrily. Panic in the streets as Bob Peterson comes face to face with death and barely hangs on. As the scenes unfold and the schools in the United States are under siege, what happens to the young men that set off the first charge, the IED’s and the doctoring of media broadcasts. America cannot be complacent. The ending is so tragic, so powerful and so realistic that you wonder whether what was set in motion in this short but compelling novella has not already been set in motion. New York Times author Dr. William R. Forstchen reminds us what can happen if ISIS attacked the United States, forced our highways, schools, airports, seaports and businesses to stay closed. What would happen if ISIS wins?