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Author: Donna Mebane


ISBN13: 978-0-9657608-2-3

ISBN10: 0985760826

                                                                       Beyond the Veil

Interest in the fine line between this world and the next is at an all time high. The finality of the nature of the veil, is being compromised as never before, as more and more people are reporting their near-death experiences. Even die-hard skeptics are finding it hard to refute the mounting evidence of life after death. Also, many of those who have crossed the veil permanently, have, due to heightened abilities, stepped up their interaction with their loved ones on this side of the veil. There are many such accounts, for example, the Matthew books, Heavenly Hugs by Carla Wills Brandon, and The Afterlife of Billy Fingers to name a few.

Another writing genre that is growing popular by the day is fiction where the ongoing interaction between a dearly beloved member who has crossed over and the rest of the family is described. An example of this is The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold where the continuity of the interaction from both sides of the veil is described. In this book, a similar experiment has been attempted by a mother, torn apart inside by the loss of a much loved daughter, Emma, all of nineteen years old. In her own words, “..I suddenly could envision the book that I would write. It would be a book in which Emma “wakes up” on the day she didn’t. It would tell of how she experiences her new world and it would capture her spirit and her sass. It would describe a world with new sets of rules that Emma would surely find a way to break just as she did on Earth! But it would also describe the world that Emma left behind- a world that was new to those who now must learn to live in it without her. Most importantly, it would describe the link between the two worlds and the ways that Emma learns to keep the link strong.”

Emma Mebane is an extroverted, vivacious, proactive and happy nineteen year old whose primary goal in life was to make friends and spread joy and gladness all around her, even at the cost of bending a few rules of society. She is adored by her family, her friends, her coworkers, her dogs and her cat. One July morning she is found dead in her bed. Her family and friends are devastated. In the meantime, Emma has woken up on the other side and realizes how much her extended family of her relatives, friends and coworkers miss her. She learns new ways of connecting with those closest to her, and proactively setting the stage for potentially life changing encounters. She also makes friends with souls she meets on the other side and plays a vital role in broadening their ambit.

Meanwhile her family and friends are learning to deal with Emma’s loss. This book describes the entire scenario in toto, Emma’s lessons, her family’s grief and the entire process of how the Mebane family accepts the situation and moves on.

The journey of dealing with grief, particularly the grief arising out of the loss of a much loved child, is unique to each person and situation. However, a similar account can be found in “Infinity..” by Janice Kiefer, where the author’s youngest daughter is murdered and how her soul kept coming back to her family and making her presence felt. Both stories document the intense concern and commitment that many of our loved ones on the other side feel for us.

This book incorporates the use of social media, including facebook, twitter, skype and facetime and makes intelligent guesses as to how they may be tweaked by our friends on the other side. Irrespective of whether one accepts the possibility of communication from beyond the twilight zone, one gets to intuit the comfort this kind of communion could imply. The spectre of death would be rendered powerless if such an interaction was possible.

This book is supposed to be a fictional account, but the use of social media makes it eerily real. Personally, I enjoyed it very much and I recommend it warmly.