Author: Victoria Laurie
ISBN: 978-0-385-73572-8
Publisher:Delacorte Press

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Move over Harry Potter, Ian Wigby  has entered the adventure literary young adult scene.

Adolescents and adults alike will enjoy reading Oracles of Delphi Keep- a five hundred page brick. They will be thrilled by the clash of good characters against evil demonical personae on a picturesque setting located on the White Cliffs of Dover and in the desert of Morocco, in pre-WWII era.

The cast of good characters are Ian Wigby, his adoptive sister Theodosia, their friend Carl, all orphans living at the “Keep” on the White Cliffs of Dover, the earl of Castle Dover, their benefactor, Madame Dimbleby and Madame Scargill the keepers of the orphanage, two new teachers and an old professor, as well as a myriad of quirky and funny sub-characters.

The evil beings are Wild Beasts that smell of sulphur, Magus the Black, sorcerer, Caphiera the Cold, Demogorgon  and many other wicked beings whose only purpose is to destroy Ian and his clan.

Victoria Laurie is an excellent writer of suspense. Her references to WWII and Ancient Greek Mythology are subtly woven into the text. Her talents as a professional psychic help give Theo, her secondary character, the gift of clairvoyance and prophecy.

If one can summarize a 550 pages brick into just a few sentences, Ian Wigby is a 12 year old  daredevil. He explores the caverns in the White Cliffs of Dover with his sister Theo, against the express warnings by his keepers not to go near them. They discover a silver box and some mysterious writings on the walls and there starts their relentless pursuit and running away from all sorts of villains and demons. For within the box lies an ancient prophecy of a quest that the fate of the world depends on – a quest written by a great Greek Oracle, that names two children: Ian and Theo.

Suddenly, it is up to Theo and Ian to save their orphanage, Delphi Keep and the whole world. Amid castles and vivid landscapes set in pre-World War II they set out to unravel the mystery of the prophecy before the evil that prowls the Cliffs of Dover finds them.

The suspense of their constant running away from the wild beasts and evils leave the reader out of breath. But the Oracles of Delphi Keep is a real page turner despite its length. The only reservation I have is that the ending is not really an ending but leaves the doors open for a sequel. Perhaps, we in the future we will read more exiting adventures about Ian and Theo.

Laurie is an accomplished author of several adult mysteries, but this new series is special to her not only because it’s her first for young readers, but also because it draws from her personal experience living abroad as a young girl. Victoria’s family moved from the United States  to England when she was eleven and it was on a school trip where she caught her first glimpse of the White Cliffs of Dover. Her trip abroad and the childhood experiences of her orphaned grandfather left an indelible impression on her, such that, when she later turned to a career in writing, this was a story she felt she had to tell. Victoria resides in Austin, Texas, where she is a professional psychic and author.

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