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Author: Kevin Christofora
Illustrator: Dale Tangeman
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1-492938293

Today, Mom signed me up for baseball. I can’t wait for the first practice on Friday. Dad took me to get a new glove. It fit perfectly. Everywhere I went, I dreamed of baseball. I had baseball all over my brain.”

Available in hardbound, softbound, and e-book format, the story targets children ages three to five years, but may be enjoyed by any child or adult who likes the sport of baseball. With no scary or violent scenes or profanity, it does contain complicated words that beginner readers will need help understanding or pronouncing.

The inside cover has an introduction to nine players on the all-star baseball team. Incorporated into the story is a find-the-baseball game along with a ten question fill-in-the-blank quiz and a red-capped baseball guides the reader through the storyline. The ending  has a promotion for four books in the series, a blank page for baseball players’ autographs, and a comment page. No author or illustrator biography or glossary is included. 

Loving the sport of baseball and coaching a little league team, this author, father, past engineer, and butcher encourages getting children off the couch and outside in the field.

Dale Tangeman’s full-page, full-color illustrations are easy to understand as they follow the storyline. With little details on the players’ faces, the fun-filled designs explore America’s favorite pastime sport.

The main character is Nick as he attends his first day of baseball practice. Coach Kevin does most of the speaking while Nick’s unnamed friends learn the sport.

First in the series, this book’s goal explains how a team begins its first day of baseball practice. After Nick’s mom signs him up for little league, the boy can hardly wait until Friday to get to the field.

Coach Kevin passes out uniforms and caps and explains how the team needs to get in shape. Through jumping jacks, twists, and stretches, they warm up. After the team runs the bases three times, they sit in the bleachers and win baseball cards if they answer the coach’s questions correctly. Nick had a wonderful time and fell asleep that night still in his uniform.

The story promotes getting out of the house and playing a team sport. By exercising, bodies can become strong. The two included games help children concentrate on the reading and learn about the game.

Since the book covers the first day of baseball practice, some children may be disappointed it discusses clothing and warming up instead of the game itself

As a first in the series book about baseball, if children can understand practicing makes a better player, they will look forward to the next book that, hopefully, contains more about the game.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.