Follow Here To Purchase A Duck Named Goose

Author: Amber Nieves
Illustrator: Danyol Murphy
Publisher: Mama Picky Pants Story Crafter Publishing
ISBN: 978-0991285907

A duck named Goose is on the loose. On the loose, on the farm, running, flopping here and there, his webbed feet shuffling, tail feathers wiggling with great flair.”

This paperback targets pre-school to early elementary school-aged children. Containing no scary scenes, it would best be read out loud by adults to beginner readers due to some complicated wording.

After a dedication page, a “this book belongs to” page has space for the owner to write his or her name. At the ending, there is a page of three barcodes to scan regarding a Spanish version, special offers, and a social media link. A page with acknowledgments and pledge complete the book.

Raised as a military brat moving seven times before high school, Amber Nieves can relate to changes and meeting new friends. Focusing on a better future for children, her first picture children’s book tries to create a bond between a parent and child.

 An accomplished and dedicated graphic artist, Danyol Murphy is passionate with his colorful visual media designs. With vivid and dark colors, his illustrations concentrate on the fowls at a farm, with humans being more simplistically portrayed.

A duck named Goose is the main character of this story. Chicks and hens are his friends. Written in rhyming format, the tale is based on a true story a duck that was born and raised with baby chicks. Goose is allowed to roam freely on the farm as his lop-sided mo-hawk bounces back and forth. One day the chicks and duck dilly and dally around the yard, using their voices. They attempt to fly around and peck at the ground as they grow. Eventually, the Goose matures, and one day flies away, unlike the other chickens that cannot fly. Everyone hopes the duck will return again someday.

Sing-songy in format, many children will want to hear the words again. Teaching that we all grow up, we learn to adjust in life. Twenty percent of all proceeds is donated to promoting children’s programs such as the Children’s Book Bank and Foster Care Oregon. Some children may become sad when they realize Goose flies away and never returns.