Author: Bob Regnerus
Publisher: Innovation Press
ISBN-13: 978-0976462491

Click Here To Purchase Big Ticket Ecommerce: How To Sell High-Priced Products And Services Using The Internet

Buying and selling in modern times is much different than the old general store. 

Bob Regnerus’ BIG TICKET eCOMMERCE is 206 pages jam packed with the writer’s thoughts, ideas and suggestions for readers who hope to tap into information marketing via the internet. 

Jam packed with sixteen easily read chapters, BIG TICKET eCOMMERCE provides steps for creating a strategy and developing effective websites.  Regnerus details how to go about attracting big ticket prospects and generating traffic.  Regnerus is certain that key word research is imperative.

Section One of the work which comprises 148 of the 206 pages includes the Introduction and 13 chapters regarding various methods for generating traffic to the site.  I don’t know a lot about website, or making money via the Internet, however even with my limited knowledge I can understand that generating traffic must be key.

I found especially Section 2, Getting Started, to be very interesting.  Regnerus offers two suggestions; one, is start by analyzing the big picture to find the problem in your previous online efforts, and the other is focus efforts on the area that offers the biggest potential for improvement while requiring the least effort.  Appears to be sound advice to me, whatever the endeavor locating problems and eliminating them have to a the top of the list of things to consider.

Regnerus provides a section detailing common problems and their related symptoms.  He notes that there are some commonality of situations talking place in each of the four steps of the BIG TICKET eCOMMERCE system.  One common problem the writer has identified is Skipping Steps in the Big Ticket eCommerce System.  Another is Making Decisions Based on Opinions Rather than Numbers.  Third problem is forcing a brochure website to be the primary lead generation website, and fourth Regnerus lists Focusing on traffic without analysis and optimization  and finally he suggests Thinking eCommerce is a project when it is actually a process is problem five.

Having identified the problems Regnerus goes on to suggest ways to overcome them by fixing the biggest one first.

Rounding out the work Regnerus provides instruction for how to build the big ticket eCommerce team and offers implementation resources.

BIG TICKET eCOMMERCE is a book is for those planning to enter, or working in the online world of sales.   Various processes, mistakes and problems Regnerus faced through trial and error he now sets down in readable prose to help others avoid those problems or mistakes, or if they are already there, ways  to overcome them.

Regnerus points out that the click, add to shopping cart, check out approach is fine for some products and services.  Where it does not work so well is for companies engaged in promoting high power, costly services and products.

Succinct and clearly written BIG TICKET eCOMMERCE should prove valuable for those who would like to tap into the eCommerce market interesting read, Happy to recommend.

**NOTE:  The above review is based on an ARC received from a publicist.

 Click Here To Purchase Big Ticket Ecommerce: How To Sell High-Priced Products And Services Using The Internet