Follow Here To Purchase Land for Love and Money Vol I: Volume 1

Author: Reid Lance Rosenthal

Publisher: Rockin’ SR Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-0982157657  

ISBN-10: 0982157657

As Reid Lance Rosenthal confidently asserts: “I am convinced that all people have the innate capability to feel the mystical tug of land.” His philosophical approach to the question of land and land ownership epitomizes the spirit of all those who have sought to flee urban mediocrity in search of the wide open spaces. The richness of Rosenthal’s prose immediately assures one that here is an author who truly loves his own land, America, both deeply and profoundly. The same spirit that gave rise to such screen epics as How the West was Won and Gone with the Wind clearly imbues his work.

Along with Rosenthal’s ability to respond to the romantic appeal of the land comes a sound, commonsense approach to the qualities that are required to purchase, sell, conserve, and manage it, in such a way as to render the resource even more valuable than it naturally one was, or might still be, in its native state. The “stunning snowcapped backdrop” is counterpoised against the more material issues of “irrigation delivery, ponds, livestock-related management changes and fence replacement.” Central to his realtor skills that enable Rosenthal to seek out the ideal ranch for his topnotch clientele, is the sense of humor that enables him to see himself as others see him—he finds it highly amusing that he tends, due to his down-dressing and to his driving of a “pickup covered with the dust of a thousand miles of dirt roads,” to be viewed rather suspiciously at first by other realtors with whom he then goes on to conclude winning business transactions (totaling over 5000 land and real estate deals spanning four decades, and with a market value exceeding $1.5 billion in widely varying, and multiple, states).

The fluent pace of Rosenthal’s writing makes this guide to the ins and outs of coping with your own piece(s) of real estate, no matter how small or large, and especially during a time of financial upheaval and attempted land and property grabs, extremely readable. The result is that, even though some of the issues covered tend to be rather cut and dried (especially those regarding regulation and taxes), Land for Love and Money reads very easily. In short, the author makes even potentially relatively difficult passages easy to understand for, and highly accessible to, the lay person. The personal anecdotes that he relates throughout also help to ensure that what he has to say has a fresh and riveting impact.

The central text of this work is supplemented by a helpful list of online resources, as well as by an instructive glossary that neatly and concisely defines the basics of such aspects as Agenda 21, and the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA). The volume described is the first of only three in a series, of which the second is already out, with each of the volumes being accompanied by an aptly named Green for Green workbook in a CD-DVD format, so that it makes for ideal college reading.