Author: Laurie Dean
Illustrator: KevinCollier
Publisher: Big Tent Books Language: English 
ISBN-10: 1601310358: ISBN-13: 978-1601310354 

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Laurie Dean’s  Baron Thinks DOGS Are People Too introduces Baron a small, perky brown pup who lives with people.  He likes to squish between two people like jam in a sandwich.  During the day he romps and plays and jumps up and down to gain Mom and Dad’s attention.

While Baron enjoys playing with Mom and Dad, and he loves the yummy treats he receives, he really wants a best friend. He wrestles with Billy, and wears the tutu and shoes Emma gives him to wear. But, what he really wants is a best friend.

Attending doggy obedience school helps Baron learn rules and be a well mannered pup.  But what he really wants is a best friend. Then, Dad must leave for a while; his duty is with the Air Force until next July. Will Baron ever find his very own best friend?

Writer Dean and Illustrator Kevin Collier have collaborated to produce a bright and colorful book designed especially for the younger set. 

Osage County First Grade, as do most Little Readers, really have an affinity for dogs.  Baron is a pup I am sure will tickle the fancy of those First Graders who will be entering my classroom come August.  When that takes place I will amend the review to show their thumbs up.

My one concern regarding the book is the fact that the illustrations while joyous and child centered are so detailed, fill the whole page and over power the print to a degree.  Suggestion:  have print set on page in a white box and use larger print to enable Little Readers greater ease for reading.

Print is presented in a good clear font, and is suitable size for adult to read to children, and is good and dark, however, for Little Readers it will be a tad more of a problem. On the other hand, I have no doubt that Baron will be well received, chosen often for DEAR reading, and for leader book of the day.

The story of Baron is endearing, he is the pup we all have known, and may still have in our homes.  He is energetic, eager to please and lots of fun, much as is my own pup!  Happy to recommend Laurie Dean’s - Baron Thinks DOGS Are People Too-

I received ARC from a publicist for review.

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