Follow Here To Purchase Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters (Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters)

Author: Justin Drazin
Illustrator: Anita Lester
Publisher: Gorham Printing
ISBN: 978-0-615-73242-8

You can swim, you can fly, you can jump to the moon, or take a nice nap on a bed of balloons! We are here every night, no need to call ahead, simply grab a blanket, fluff your pillows, and fall into bed,” the Pillow Monsters tell Albert in Justin Drazin’s children’s book, Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters.

This over-sized forty page hardbound that won a Mom’s Choice Award targets preschool to early elementary school-aged children or those who tend to be afraid of the dark and having bad dreams. With no profanity or violence, it is meant to be a calming bedtime story. As reviewed, the punctuation errors may confuse some beginner readers.

Illustrator Lester’s full page colorful drawings of magical scenes grace the pages with an easy-to-read black wording font. Most designs contain a little boy who is awed where pillows take him when he dreams. Although some designs are dark, there is detail that will captivate children’s attention as the pages are turned.

In this short story that is told in rhyme, a young boy was having trouble getting to sleep in his bed so counted sheep. When he thought he was awake, small pillow monsters were in his bedroom, fluffy and flying around.

The monsters introduced him to their Pillow Cave, inviting him into a whimsical fantasy world where a party was planted to celebrate Albert’s special day. When the boy questioned why he was the focal point, the pillows stated he was imaginative and creative.

Flying off to unknown worlds of monkeys, pandas, and whales, Albert could invent any idea he wanted such as swimming, flying, jumping, and napping. The monsters told him they were there every night, whenever he needed them.

Being woken up by his mother the next morning, Albert was no longer afraid of going to sleep in the dark or dreaming.

With the sing-song rhyming and the colorful pictures, children will enjoy being read this book at night-time. Although there are not many scenarios depicted in the dream sequence, it may calm those who are leery of frightening dreams or the dark, especially when they realize that imagination is the brightest night-light to have.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and the publicist for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.