Author: Rita Herron
ISBN: 9780446199483
Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

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Author Rita Herron is an award-winning author of more than thirty suspense, paranormal, and contemporary romance novels including: A Breath Away, The Eye Witness, In a Heartbeat, Last Kiss Goodbye, Say You Love Me, Don’t Say a Word, Marry Me Maddie, Collecting Evidence, Under His Skin, Undercover Avenger, Epiphany, Silent Surrender, Silent Night Sanctuary and Up In Flames. In 2007, she was nominated for two Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards, including a Career Achievement Award.

CNN News Reporter Annabelle Armstrong doesn’t believe in the paranormal. She deals in cold, hard truth, black and white- and she’ll do anything to deliver a story. So when she’s sent to track down Quinton Valtrez, a man long suspected of being a coldhearted assassin, the truth is even more shocking than she expected. Quinton has been fighting his demonic powers since childhood. Now working for Homeland Security in a private Ghost Cell, he uses his powers for good. Neither one can afford the overwhelming desire they feel for one another, nor can they afford the distraction. Demons want to draw Quinton into a life a pure evil and are using Annabelle to do it. After investigating a series of attacks, seemingly directed at them, they must work together to achieve the impossible or lose everything.

This book is listed as Book Two in the Demonborn Series, with Insatiable Desire coming before and Book Three’s title and release to be announced. I was especially intrigued by this story because to me, it was a strong romantic suspense with paranormal elements. I found the characters and their actions to be highly believable and relatable. The setting, which takes you through areas of the south such as Savannah, Charlestown and New Orleans, was well crafted and researched. The plot flowed smoothly, drawing you in at every chapter until the end. This is not a series that you need to read Book One before attempting the second. I liked that we were able to get inside not only the heads of the good guys, but the demons as well. I will never look at a vulture the same again, and I fear I learned way more about them than I desired. I can also truly appreciate an author who can fashion in great humor where appropriate. It’s no surprise why Rita Herron has been capturing readers for as long as she has.

Dark Hunger, by Rita Herron, is another winner for her fans and a fine welcome into the paranormal romance genre.

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