Author: Tony Mitton: Illustrator:  Paul Howard
ISBN: 037585083X ISBN-13: 978-0375850837
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers Random House Inc

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Tony Mitton author of A Very Curious Bear introduces the reader to Little Bear and his/her friends. 

The first two pages present a lovely landscape with farm house, broom on the porch, leaning against the wall and next to the open door which exposes a small bed with pillow and coverlet in blue and splashed with white stars. 

Suspended over the porch is a heavily laden branch of a pear tree.  The pears appear ripe and succulent and ready to eat, some have even tumbled to the grass where a picnic basket is waiting.
When Little Bear got up from bed he/she queried: Why does the sun come and light up the day?

Big Bear, might be Little Bear’s; Mama or Papa, replied: to wake you from sleep so you come out and play.
Off go Little Bear and Big Bear.  Big Bear holds that basket while Little Bear full of curiosity and enthusiasm, sporting his/her blankie cape and holding his trusty sword, zips ahead. Why does the wind rush around in the air?

On the rocks by the side of the path twining through the woods, are waiting a duo of gleeful friends, a wee, vivacious white mouse and joyous, cheerful bunny.  That the pair have been waiting for Little Bear is obvious from their elation filled demeanor. 

The enchanting book continues with a question and an answer on each two page spread along with exploration and inquisitiveness and gratification.

Any parent or grandparent who has spent even a few hours with a Little Person can identify and remember just such a day spent with their own Little Bear. 

Crossing a stream, daisies in the grass, a pic nic under a tree, friends to share everything from food to fun, a spring shower, and a lighting storm, finding future from the past, and making something new from something old, finding the good when there seems to be only bad, watching the moon rise and wondering; all are part of the charismatic, child like account.

What am I meant for and why am I here? What a delightful read.   

Author Tony Mitton and Illustrator Paul Howard have outdone themselves on the pages of A Very Curious Bear.  I am anxious now for the beginning of our new school term.  I have no hesitation to say my class of Osage County First Grade will be captivated as they track the adventurous day of one small bear and his/her companion.

While Little Bear does have a homespun sword and wears a blankie cape; I am pleased that neither bear is clothed in human clothing.  Little Bear’s friends, a mouse and a bunny, offer a sign of recognition, acceptance and joy in diversity, something we encourage in our classroom.

Vocabulary used to bring the narrative to life is not stilted or dumbed down for little folk, I like that, I find the children in my classes love to stretch their brain and think second grade. 

I have no reservation that A Very Curious Bear will be chosen often for DEAR reading as my Little Learners carry a chosen book and their reading word book along with their basal reader to their –Reading Mouse House- for a session of reading uninterrupted by anything other than munching from their snack jars holding cold cereal. 

I am prepared to read A Very Curious Bear aloud many times to the class as a whole as the Leader of the Day fetches his/her choice for me to read to the class previous to our leaving the classroom for the day.

Happy to recommend Tony Mitton’s  A Very Curious Bear. Please note that I received ARC from a publicist for review.

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