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Author: Peter Swan
ISBN: 978-1-4787-0237-5
Publisher: Outskirts Press

This is the first book of the Rick Conwright series. In this we find that a businessman has vanished and our detective must find him and solve the mystery.

Now for the review: the book is pretty strong and in fact can be called a good thriller with a good plot to boast of. Some portions have good pace, but in several parts the thrill quotient of the book is a bit too tepid. In fact we can say that more than being a thriller the book explores mind-games. How a detective unclothes a mystery, how he uses his intelligence and how he tries to arrive at a conclusion is aptly portrayed. This is a realistic book in this genre because most others just try to portray a detective as being a Rambo or someone with psychic abilities! The characters here are finely etched but it is the central figure who commands all of writer Peter Swan’s energy, and therefore the limelight remains affixed on him and him alone. This may not pinch a reader after one read but if he/she is like this reviewer who enjoys revisiting certain portions to savor the finest parts of the book or who just likes to read each book twice then these things will look pretty big.

For a reader this book makes for an intelligent read with not much emotional drama to tug at anyone’s heart or to make a person feel strongly for any of the characters. All emotions are lukewarm except when the final reveal happens and there too it cannot be called boisterous. The rest is the language part; the effort is clean and there is hardly any fault to be found with it because the language is apt and suits the surroundings thus blends in well. All in all it is a good attempt by the writer but for those who are looking for something more riveting may not find it enough because the book caters to those who wish to enjoy reading without getting too deeply engrossed and fortunately for the writer it is this segment that drives the most sales! Therefore, we can say that the writer Peter Swan is in a win-win situation and sooner or later this book is going to be made into a movie too (that is just a prediction but then most series are adapted by production houses anyways!) so better be ahead of the rest and give it a read if investigative stuff is your cup of tea.