Follow Here To Purchase Unnatural Causes

Author: Peter Swan
Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4995-4646-0

This book is the second in the line of Rick Conwright mystery series penned by author Peter Swan whose first book was Past Due. The premise is a simple set-up in which a powerful but sneaky businessman dies under mysterious circumstances and our detective is hired to ascertain the real reasons of the death by the victim’s daughter who suspects a foul play. As expected several are under his lens and from there, how the detective uncovers the plot, and solves the mystery is what the book is all about. This is a typical plot and does not have many twists and turns to boast of. It can seem, after some reading, to be a little too linear in narrative and some light tensions that the writer creates get diffused quiet easily hence, at times the plot seems pretty easy to guess.

In other words we can say that it makes for an easy read and does not tease or shock a reader too often. It is a fairly smooth ride and the twists and turns do not put the reader in any awe and it is mostly the mind games that the writer has crafted. A little bit of back story of the detective is thrown in this to give more meat to the character but that is all. However the beauty of the book is in the grip on the employed language i.e. no unnecessary adornments and this makes it palatable to most age groups. The book will appeal to mostly younger crowd and has almost no hardcore violence, so to call it a clean read is absolutely apt. The best thing about the book is that despite the plot being not out of the blue, it still does not bore a reader but yes it has to be admitted that some parts can be skipped without the reader missing out on the broader narrative. In short, a reader who probably wants a book to read while traveling to office or wants to have something to read while having snacks will find the book perfect but someone who wants extremely riveting stuff that blows his mind away will find it mildly enthralling only.

The strength of the book remains its simple plot line, decent characterization and easy-to-understand vocabulary. So should you be buying it? Well! Why not? It is always good to try different genres by different writers so yes one time read at the very least!