Author: Tom Lewis
ISBN: 9781607670360

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I had the opportunity to meet Tom Lewis on a relaxed Sunday afternoon in late May 2009 at a local eatery in New Bern, North Carolina. There was Tom Lewis, surrounded by his books -- and books sales looked good.  After lunch, I approached Mr. Lewis to ask about his niche, and about his latest book, Lucifer’s Children. I bought a copy and was anxious to read something out of my ordinary health book selections.

A warning, Lucifer’s Children is not for those weak of heart or spirit. It’s a fast paced, keep-you-guessing horror mystery. Three story threads are artistically woven together to produce a rather surprise ending. And even if you have read a mystery or thousands before, chances are you will never see this coming.

The search turns up nothing and the two are missing. Margaret (Maggie) Ellis sets out on a journey to find her alcoholic ex-husband (Robert) and spoiled son (Bo) whose plan went down.  Sam, Maggie’s heart throb, waits patiently for her. He wants to marry this vivacious woman, even if it takes all eternity. Lena, Maggie’s mother, encourages Maggie to forget about Robert and Bo. She had gotten on with her life after Maggie’s father died, why couldn’t her only child do the same? No one could live after a plane crash and no one was able to find them. When Lena isn’t complaining, she surely must be sleeping.

Maggie meets up with an Indian woman, Alice Crowfeather, who agrees to show her the mountain where she believes the maw of the mountain has swallowed them up -- alive; three mysterious men who stop her from gaining access to the last leg of her mountain journey; and a crew of least suspecting others who are working against her. 

The lighting and grass are artificial. White robes are in and escape is impossible. Punishments are severe and pleasure is in abundance. The river holds healing powers unlike anything that can be imagined and the town is a sham.  Sex is for population purposes and a meat cleaver is used to serve a warning. The setting is one that will have you reeling with emotions ranging from hope to despair. And, all along, things are never as they seem.

A priest is having problems with racy nightmares and killer headaches. He sees Maggie’s picture and “knows.” He enlists other priests to help him along his own journey – the journey that will cost him everything. 

An albino is the right hand monster to the evil one. He has an insatiable hunger for the flesh and human suffering.  His service to his master is unconditional and he is handsomely rewarded for his loyalty. 

The evil one – we have all heard about him. He wines and dines, spews lies, and, in the end, meets up with the archangel, Michael, a hot tub, Maggie, and three priests in front of the church that has been at the center of Ramon’s nightmares.  

I enjoyed this book, but it sadly reminds me of our existence on earth. Happiness at any price; selecting the wrong people to join us on our life journey; and making bad decisions that ultimately hurt others. Even though Lucifer’s Children is fiction, it had me actually looking closer at my own life and those around me.

The story draws you in from the first page and never lets you go – even after you finish it. 

Tom Lewis is a novelist and has won my fiction-reading heart. I can hardly wait to get his other books. And, by the way, he is one nice person. I just can’t imagine this nice guy writing about such things as you’ll find in Lucifer’s Children.  One never knows – does one?

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