Follow Here To Purchase Analyze West: A Psychiatrist Takes Western Civilization on a Journey of Transformation

Author: Dr. Nicholas Beecroft   

Publisher: Dr. Nicholas Beecroft

ISBN 13: 978-1500496371

ISBN 10: 1500496375


                                                         A New Magna Carta

If Western Civilization was a human being, how would he feel about the present state of world affairs? Would he (in this case, it is a man called West) be modest and humble or arrogant and self-assured? Would he be self-hating and uncertain, or conscious, self-accepting and proud of his achievements? Or, if the answer is a bit of both, what lies in the future, when the medley of conflicting voices are allowed to have their say, as a maverick psychologist works on him to integrate all these voices to an end result?

The answer, according to the author, Dr. Nicholas Beecroft, is an incredibly positive one. It is the basis for a New Magna Carta, where a sincere effort is made, to bring all people together, irrespective of race and religion, where individual well-being is not subservient to that of another, be it individual or collective, and where everyone has equal opportunities to recreate themselves, irrespective of their background. This future is in consonance with the predictions of many saints and visionaries, prominent among them being David Wilcock in his book “Synchronicity.”

This book has been cleverly written in the form of a work of fiction. The protagonist West, (representing Western Civilization) comes to Dr. James Hill, a nonconformist psychiatrist, an individual who does not curry favours with his immediate superiors in his department, because of his unusual approach to dialoguing. West shares his apprehensions and insecurities of the future and James Hill listens. Within these conversations, all the maladies that plague Western civilization are discussed. Prominent among the problems discussed in this book are insecurities arising out of a loss of self-esteem when compared with upcoming China, the rise of religious fundamentalism with its concomitant byproduct, religious terrorism and the state of medical science where establishment profits decide the treatment protocol and individual doctors are willy nilly compelled to follow their bidding, irrespective of the will or condition of the patient under consideration.

The discussion protocol for the conversations uses quite often a technique called Spiral Dynamics, first introduced by Professor Clare Graves in the sixties and seventies, and later widely used successfully by Dr. Don Beck. This technique is based on different structures of thought representing value systems on which beliefs are constructed. These thought systems are made more accessible by attributing to them a distinct colour. The author then uses a process, introduced by Dr. Hal and Sidra Stone, in which a voice is given to each of the various sub personalities associated with each value system. After listening to all these voices, an integrated voice emerges that caters to the legitimate concerns of all.

Another noteworthy tool used in the conversational therapy, is the Victim-Rescuer-Perpetrator Triangle. Identifying the different voices in this triangle, listening carefully to what they need to say, and revisioning the problem from a more spiritual perspective, is the key to the problem resolution technique that has been extensively used in this book.

This book has been written by the author after amassing a wealth of detail from conversations who are working on viable solutions to the pressing problems faced by Western Civilization today. The agenda for the Magna Carta presented at the end, marks the author’s own views as to where Western Civilization is actually headed.

This book is a very light read, despite its voluminous content. Its’ fictional character makes it easier to relate to the issues under discussion. Emotional relief is provided by the chemistry between the main protagonists, besides the travails suffered by Dr.James Hill are easy to identify with. There is also a love interest which adds to the readability of this work of fiction, that is in reality, a very well written and lucid version of the conversations mentioned above.

Strongly recommended.