Author: Kate McLennan, D.Min
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Denver Colorado
ISBN: 978-1-4327-3550-0

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Rev Dr. Kate McLennan is an interfaith minister and artist and has played guitar and sung songs since she was a little child.  She has also had a very hard life. Kate McLennan has had many of the same problems that, unfortunately, a lot of people encounter. When she was a young woman she discovered alcohol and its false pleasure. Due to addiction, she had to go  to rehab. Then she suffered with a leukemia, a very powerful blood cancer. These atrocious experiences made her think about why bad things happen in your life when you try to be a good person .

She says in the book that she was not fulfilled with the rules of the Southern Baptist church. She was interested in other ways of thinking and understanding the world around her. Meeting a spiritual guide, a meditation teacher based in the Buddhist tradition, she saw a new world opening itself in front of her. However, she was indecisive because of her belief in God, a deity which Buddhist people don‘t believe exists.

After a lot of practice, she became aware of a way to make any life better.   Despite her faith in church and God, what she lived while being sick prompted her to search in her mind for a way to release herself and to appreciate life. She learned how to be self motivated and self tranquilizing with little tricks.  She created different kinds of songs, using them as her mantra. 

The second part of the book is full of songs and is included to help readers to work on their minds and to give them the love, the tenacity, and the motivation to keep going through everyday life.

Kate McLennan believes you can practice this peace and she shows readers how to do it. For instance, with the body prayer, which can be just a few words, they can enable the body and connect with the Divine.

All throughout the book, she intertwines two religions using each of them as a help and finding connections in both. She thinks religion can help anyone if they are ready to open their heart and master their mind to self discipline.  McLennan is the perfect example of what people can do if they get the faith.

This book is a testimony on what fate can plan for people and how every one of us can get through these  bad periods of our life. Readers will no longer have the same view on what the human mind is and can become, with a little of assistance, after reading the teachings of the Creator and a Zen master.  They will instead find calmness where there was struggle and peace instead of chaos.

 Click Here To Purchase The Messy Buddha: Dancing on the Soul's Growing Edge