Author: David Young

Publisher: Rainbow Ridge Books

ISBN: 978-1-937907-22-8

                                        The Beatles are Alive

Reading this book gave me the impression that at least George Harrison is alive and well on the other side and taking an active interest in the world that he left way too early at the age of 58. And going by a recent interview, it appears that in a sequel to this book, the author, David Young talks of channeling not only George Harrison, but also John Lennon as well. It appears that John Lennon shares a similar degree of concern for us earth residents.

It might be added that John Lennon is not new to channeling. The book “Peace at Last” by Jason Leen was dictated in 1980-1981, i.e., soon after his passing in Dec. 8, 1980. “Peace at Last” was about John Lennon’s experience, after his translation, on the more rarefied planes of existence. George Harrison’s contribution, at least according to this book, has been “restricted” to making his presence unmistakably felt on appropriate occasions, helping the author with his musical compositions, and of course, guiding the author to well chosen people, most often those close to George Harrison in order to speed up the outward dissemination of his message, using this unique form of serendipitous communication.

Cut to the story. David Young, a successful musician, whose work has been compared to that of George Harrison’s, is on his way to the East Coast after a trying separation from his wife and  stepdaughter, with whom he was exceptionally close. Several markers associated with George Harrison meet him on the way, including a dream with the singer himself, where he is told that he has arrived late. His renewed search for a mate, leads him to a beautiful woman who had been George Harrison’s stepdaughter, with whom he experienced a strong mutual attraction, and who inspired him to write several songs. Unfortunately, the above attraction does not materialize into a full blown relationship and the remaining embers of these energies get refuelled into the writing of this book. The book also describes the ensuing events, connected with people that had worked with George Harrison, that resulted in the publication of this book.

One could ask, why would George Harrison want to communicate through David Young, and why David Young in the first place? These are questions that cannot be answered easily. An indication as to why the answers are to be deferred till later, is given in the Foreword to this book by Editor Robert Friedmann. In a session with the author, both of them felt impelled to ask the question. Within seconds, they experienced a computer blackout. It appears that communication inputs from the other side is something we can only learn to accept as a very precious gift that is given to us.The channeling response could be the result of a past life connection, or perhaps David Young’s music was so close to George Harrison’s own that the latter was drawn into the ambit of the former in the manner recounted in this book.

I would also like to commend  David Young for his ruthless sense of authenticity. It is this finely tuned instrument of consciousness that could resonate with George Harrison at the level described in this book and share the message with the world at large.

All in all, an easily read testimony to the glory of the Beatles and a very interesting memoir that is “stranger than fiction”.

Warmly recommended.

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