Author: Mark Ulriksen

Publisher: Goff Books

ISBN: 978-1-939621-10-8

Author, Mark Ulriksen, has years of top-end experience in art direction, publication design, administration, management, and illustration where he can showcase his many gold and silver medals from the Society of Illustrators. (2014, p.140) His illustrations have gained him access into the prestigious halls of the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress. He work can be commissioned, viewed in art galleries, and seen on the cover of New Yorker magazine.

Mr. Ulriksen states that he has always had a penchant for larger breeds, but has owned and loved a variety of dogs. This book chronicles Mark’s dogs past and present, both in art and word. It touches on cats, but notes that they “…are a little too independent, too aloof, to get close to.” (2014, p.13)

There’s nothing happier than a happy dog”. (2014, p.23) I totally agree. Regarding some of his dog’s best traits Mr. Ulriksen says the following; “…Henry prefers digging up gopher holes, Doog had only two personality traits…Cleo loved to escape…Bernie was a tad too excitable…”. Favorite pets foods was another humorous read. For instance, “Henry, the chocolate lab = bananas. Ted, the chocolate lab = toast…Cleo, the St. Bernard = whole chicken, uncooked…Saber, the springer spaniel = leather.” Anyway, you get the picture, each dog has a distinct personality, various likes and almost no dislikes. No two hounds are exactly alike.

Some examples that Mr. Ulriksen uses to aid the readers are a commonality that all dog owners might agree upon or share. “For example; dogs like to chew things. Dogs like to chew things that belong to others.” (2014, p.48) I can personally attest to this scenario, but as stated previously, no two dogs are alike in this regard either. Some like shoes, some slippers, some coats and handbags. My advice is to never leave anything you do not want nibbled on in a place where your loving companion can find them.

Other dog topics touched upon in this wonderful read are grooming and obedience, or lack thereof, exercise, therapy, certain words your dog completely understands, and fresh air. Maybe you have noticed what they author brings to light in this cute and therapeutic read. I.e., “Dog lovers tend to favor certain breeds.” (2014, p.64) Personally I love Border Collies, Aussie Cattle Dogs, and Australian Shepherds. Regarding owning dogs the Author’s advice is that “Dogs are a great way to meet the ladies, or gents.” (p.73) On this note, I can say with absolute certainty that this statement about meeting people of the opposite, or same, sex is entirely true. Who can resist the sweet look of a dog? Not me!

This is one of the most fun reads that I have ever had the pleasure to review. I loved the whimsical illustrations and the hand-written commentary. It is precious and humorous and extremely well done! Get your copy today!

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