Author: Alan H. Jordan
Illustrator: Manuela Pentangelo
Publisher: Jordan Press
ISBN: 978-1500679682

You’re welcome to stay until I say ‘Nay,’ then it’s time to go, and you can’t say, ‘No,’” Suzy and Karrit repeat the girl’s grandmom’s mantra in Alan H. Jordan’s children’s book, The Monster on Top of the Bed.

Volume one of the Suzy and Karrit series, this square thirty-two page paperback targets preschool to early elementary school-aged children. Having no scary scenes except the concept of a frightened monster, it is would make a nice bedtime story for those afraid of the dark.

Illustrator Pentangelo’s expressive and detailed designs fill both sides of the opened pages, leaving blank backgrounds for black or white wording in an easy-to-read font. Nine discussion questions about the story and the author and illustrator’s biographies complete the book.

Suzy believes she is the only one afraid of going to bed, especially because there may be a monster under her bed. One day she hears a noise coming from underneath her. Peeping over the side, she sees two red furry paws, two red scaly legs, and a big red belly.

When a funny-looking monster plops out and tumbles into her stuff animals, the critter is as much afraid as she is. After he introduces himself as Karrit, she tells him her name is Suzy.

Karrit explains when Suzy jumps up and down on her bed, he is afraid of getting squashed. If she runs around the room, the noise frightens him. He also confesses that he thinks she is going to eat him.

Not understanding words such as tomatoes, pancakes, and hot dogs, Karrit is convinced his name means something to eat, but Suzy goes and gets the food items and explains them.

When Suzy’s mom comes in her room, the little girl tells her about her new friend, and how he thinks she is the monster on top of the bed. Her mother says friends need space but do not shut each other out. Suzy is contented she has a good friend who is not a monster, and she is no longer a monster to him.

With the play on words regarding food, adults will smile as they read out loud this bedtime story that helps children face their nighttime “monsters” and maybe, in the process, they will learn to stop jumping on their beds.

Thanks to the author and Bookpleasures for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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