Author: Angela Lam Turpin
ISBN: 9780595530915
Publisher: iUniverse

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Author Angela Lam Turpin has worked in the real estate industry for over fifteen years. Her book-length memoir, Red Eggs and Good Luck, won the Mary Tanenbaum Award for Creative Nonfiction. Her essay, Strange and Wonderful, appeared in Wild Child: Girlhoods in the Counterculture by Seal Press. Legs is her debut novel with Blood Moon Rising soon to be released. She resides with her husband and two children.

Trina Kay is pretty certain that she has all her ducks in a row- Her business partner and boyfriend is sexy and smart, they have a multi-million dollar mansion overlooking Silicon Valley, and she has a closet full of designer clothes. But when the economy forces drastic advertising measures for their business, Trina finds her life spiraling out of control when her boyfriend, Tom, puts up a billboard of her legs. Furious that he exploited her body that way, Trina takes off for Sonoma County and the comfort of her best friend, Val. Determined to succeed in her own real estate brokerage business, Trina begins dating again. Now, she’s living in a luxury apartment she can’t afford, the bills are piling up, and the one decent dating prospect drove away before she could even get his number. Desperate not to file for bankruptcy, she lands a job for crazy Ms. Lashay. And just when things couldn’t get any worse, Trina’s past collides with her present, forcing her to make difficult decisions that may very well send her over the edge.

I’m finding myself with mixed emotions after reading this book. It has been listed as both Literature and Romance alike, but I feel it fits along the lines of Chick Lit appropriately. While reading the book, I felt there was a lot of business reading on the real estate market, which slowed it down marginally. I also felt like I kept waiting for something to happen, even though a lot was going on in the plot. Her family could be a little over-the-top at times, and the main character, Trina, was a bit childish periodically. The story is told in first person, which isn’t my favorite.

 In saying that, I truly enjoyed the author’s quick wit and sense of humor. It allowed the characters dimension and personality to shine. I laughed aloud a few times. Her understanding of the economy and housing market allowed for a learning experience and realistic setting for occupation and place. I adored the secondary character she created with Val. Her eye for detail was refreshing, as well. If you are a Chick Lit fan or are interested in learning about real estate, this is a recommended read.

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