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Conny Withay

Reviewer Conny Withay:Operating her own business in office management since 1991, Conny is an avid reader and volunteers with the elderly playing her designed The Write Word Game. A cum laude graduate with a degree in art living in the Pacific Northwest, she is married with two sons, two daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren.

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By Conny Withay
Published on August 29, 2014

Executive Editor: Stephanie Maze
Publisher: Moonstone Press LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9834983-5-3

Executive Editor: Stephanie Maze
Publisher: Moonstone Press LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9834983-5-3

A child’s activities should include some aerobics, stretching, muscle-strengthening, bone-strengthening, and core-building exercises,” Stepanie Maze writes to parents in her children’s book, Keeping Fit from A to Z – Mantente en forma da la A a la Z.

This thirty-two page, over-sized laminated hardcover targets ages three years old and older who are interested in getting and keeping fit through exercising indoors or outdoors. With over one hundred and fifty color photographs, it concentrates on English and Spanish words for various sports, exercises, games, and activities.

This educational and visually attractive book is a wonderful tool to teach young children about ways to keep active and healthy physically. Most pages are dedicated to a letter of the alphabet with some exceptions where two or three of the lesser used letters are combined on one page such as X,Y and Z. Each alphabet page has English words for the specific letter on the left side and Spanish words on the right side (example: M lists motocross, mountain-biking, marbles and march in a parade on the left side with monopatin and monta a caballo on the right). In addition, the opposite language word is written in smaller italicized print and parenthesis under the main word – i.e. play marbles (juega a las canicas).

After all letters are presented, the end of the book has ninety activities to try, five fun things to do, ten games to play involving two to several players, and a dozen tips for parents, along with a plethora of photography credits that include email addresses. All except the credits have both English and Spanish translations.

With energetic pictures depicting young children having fun and enjoying themselves, each letter of the alphabet includes a larger, more detailed photograph in the center of the page. The illustrations will, no doubt, make readers want to shut the book, get up, and move, keeping physically fit as they grow up.

What makes this book unique is that every activity, word, and sentence is in both English and Spanish, giving an educational bi-cultural and bi-lingual opportunity for both children and adults while promoting a healthy lifestyle at a young age.

Thanks to KSB Promotions for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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