Musician & Author David Young Discusses Channeling With Former Beatle George Harrison
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By Norm Goldman
Published on August 29, 2014

             is pleased to have as our guest today, American musician and author, David Young. David is best known for developing a method of playing two different size recorders at the same time, in harmony, which creates a sound that some call the most beautiful music on Earth. He has produced more than 40 Cds selling over 1,000,000 copies. Two of David's Albums, Renaissance and Solace, have been nominated for Grammy Awards.

David's performances are visually and musically stimulating to any audience. Paul McCartney started a standing ovation for him at one of his performances.

His music has been played on hundreds of radio stations around the world, as well as, on the soap operas General Hospital, All My Children, and Passions.

In 2010, for no apparent reason, George Harrison started appearing in David’s life. At first, these unusual experiences happened about every two months even though David did not believe in channelling, was not a fanatical Beatles fan and was actually afraid of ghosts. 

David has recently authored an amazing book, Channeling Harrison that is a true account of the ongoing experiences between himself and former Beatle, George Harrison.


Good day David and thanks for participating in our interview

What motivated you to write Channeling Harrison and could you tell our readers a little about the book?

David: My story is about a skeptic (me) that didn't believe in channeling who started experiencing all of these outrageous synchronicities that all connected to George Harrison. Since I was a little too young to be a Beatles fan I didn't understand what he wanted from me. He definately had my attention starting in 2010 so I started to document them and that is what became book one. Everything in the book is true by the way.

Norm: Did you write the book to express something you believe in or was it just for entertainment?

David: Actually, in reality I think in some ways you could say it was for George's entertainment more than my own the first couple of years. Everyone knows that George was one of the most famous musicians in history and he wanted to work with me and I wasn't sure how this could be done. A day or so after every amazing experience my logical mind went to work in every way to dismiss or dismantle what I had just experienced.

I did believe in spirituality and meditation and had practiced for 20-30 minutes once or twice a day for 27 years when this started. But communicating with a soul that was no longer alive was not part of the program. Alcohol and any form of mind altering drugs were not part of the program either by the way.

Norm: What would you say is the best reason to recommend someone to read your book?

David: There's different answers for that. This book is the first that actually proves that there is life after this life by the ongoing relationship George started with me through the incredible experiences he has set up for me. For example: a year after this all started in 2010, I was living with a woman who had been a painter. I had been a Grammy nominated musician famous for playing two flutes at one time but had never painted because I couldn't draw.

I decided to make a painting and worked on it for 10 hours obsessively. It was 3'x4' and was three grey pyramids surrounded by burgundy, gold and brown. When I was in ally done I felt a real sense of spiritual accomplishment for some reason even though it was a very simple design. A few weeks later, my girlfriend at the time bought me a book on George's life and in it was a photo of George wearing a custom made jacket at the after party for the Concert for Bangladesh. His favorite jacket was a design of three pyramids surrounded by gold, burgundy and brown, the same colors and pattern.

After that, it was very hard for my logical mind to convince me that there wasn't something more to this.

Norm: Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

David: This experience has shown me more magic than I ever thought was possible in life and that when we have past life connections with people in our family or our friends, that love never goes away. George explained this I me and our past life connections. My mom used to tell me that she always felt my grandmothers presence around after she crossed but I never took it seriously because I had never experienced anything like it myself. The distance between Heaven and earth is not so far.

Norm: What do you say to people who may be sceptical concerning channelling?

David: I would say that it would be impossible for them to be more skeptical than I was. I thought channeling was absolute bull that anyone could make up because it couldn't be proven. George proved his presence and influence in my life through never ending synchronicities or miracles that continue to this day. I am 3/4 done with book two that will be called My Experiences With Lennon & Harrison. After three years of thinking this was only George I found out in October 2013 that John was his partner in this whole thing. This completely blew my mind. I'm sure you can Imagine, (no pun intended.) Then two weeks later, I met someone who had been a professional medium for thirty years who had trained over 100 people at a trade show where I was selling my spiritual music and so I asked her for a session. I told her George Harrison has been appearing in my life for three years and at that point I had no idea why. He explained this to me through her and then five minutes later, she said, "Did you know that John Lennon is part of this? He just showed up and wants to speak with you as well." I said I had just found out two weeks earlier. I swear on my life that I did not mention John's name to her.

Norm: What is your secret in playing two different size recorders at the same time, in harmony?

David: Practice really. I was the worst in my class in third grade and by a miracle my class got a second year of it. Then I became the best in my class because I started to be able to hear melodies without sheet music. It took me three years of practicing six hours a day to feel comfortable playing two at one time and now it's my trademark.

Norm: Where can our readers find out more about you and your book Channeling Harrison?


Books are available there and at B& and

I have a Facebook page called David Young Channeling George Harrison and you can read what people have experienced at the events we do. It's more fun when there are mediums in the audience who can see them standing next to me and for them to share that with the other members of the audience. I don't ever mention John's name in the first hour and the mediums will usually ask, "If this event is called Channeling George Harrison why is John Lennon standing to the right of you on stage?" They always see George standing on my left. I don't make up these stories, I just share them.

Norm: What is next for David Young?

David: Finishing a talking book of book two before it comes out.

Norm: As this interview draws to a close what one question would you have liked me to ask you? Please share your answer.

David: OK. That's tough but here's one. Do I think George was a spiritual man?

Yes. He dedicated his life to sharing his spirituality even more than to his music. He helped push humanity to the awareness of self realization and God realization more than anyone I can think of in this century. The popularity of yoga and meditation in the western world now is partly because of his using his fame in the Beatles to make everyone aware of higher consciousness. He was/is an enlightened Soul. I know this for sure.

Norm: Thanks once again and good luck with all of your future endeavors

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