Author: Edward R. Ritvo M.D.
Illustrator: Ngozi Ukazu
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781490332079

Now, Pee Wee was a very, very good little ant, and had lots of friends, and had lots of adventures. Would you like to hear one of Pee Wee’s adventures before you go to sleep tonight?” Edward R. Ritvo writes in the beginning of his stories in his children’s book, Sleep Time Stories: The Adventures of Pee Wee.

At seventy-four numbered pages, this thin paperback targets preschool to early elementary school aged children. To be read while in bed right before lights out, it promotes bonding and special quiet time. After a fill-in-the-blank ownership page, table of contents, dedication, and preface for parents, seven fanciful tales are told about the fun adventures of a curious little ant named Pee Wee. Illustrator Ukazu’s simple, understandable designs are in the beginning of each story.

Written by a retired professor of child psychiatry, the author’s goal is to share stories passed down three generations in his family. Concentrating on engaging the child into a question-and-answer format, he or she may easily fall into a pattern of easy conversation with a parent over time.

In these short stories, little ant Pee Wee has a big heart, an adventurous mind, and a yearning to learn. Starting each yarn, the first few paragraphs are identical about the tiny ant living in a small house on a hill under a large house with questions asked throughout the reading.

The first story involves being stuck inside a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Pee Wee’s friends. The second tale is about the ant befriending a real baby bunny while the third involves rescuing a brown bear stuck in a hole. Chapter four concerns a mean dog that gives back a hamburger while the next story has a dolphin tied up in string. Another story explains the fictional reason when roosters know to crow while the last is about a dressed-up cat that helps a bluebird.

While Pee Wee gets himself into awkward situations, he thinks fast on how to solve or make amends. By making friends, helping others, and learning to resolve issues, the book is a good tool for social and moral discussions.

Since this is the first children’s book by the author, another in the series about further adventures of a tiny ant that lives in a big world brought down to his size will be wished by readers.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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