Author: Lois W. Stern

Publisher: Lois W. Stern

ISBN-13: 978-1499539516

ISBN-10: 1499539517

                                        Memorable Threads in the Fabric of Life

This book is a collection of memorable incidents related by ordinary people with a flair for writing. Editor-cum-author Lois Stern, has in this connection, presented an assortment of stories that “echo in the mind” as these moments are relived over and over again. Some of the contributors are published authors in their own right, others are less well known. The common ground between them all is their passion for the written word.

The first story “Hand of Destiny” tells of an incredible coincidence in the life of an ex fighter pilot in World War II. Then there is the story of an amazing dog, who was successfully used by his mistress as part of her school management program. Meaningful contact with family members who have passed on is provided by two of the authors, while the editor herself tells the story of a chair with a history. Another moving story, which struck a personal chord is about the memories stirred up by a cup of hot chocolate and how it helped ease discord in parent-child relationships.

Next comes the story of an attorney who “fought hard to hold on to the things that were of most value to him while investigating the greatest heist in American history”. A motivational speaker mentions two close calls and how she survived to tell the tale.

A son of a Holocaust survivor recalls how self-occupation prevented him from finding out the truth of his mother’s experiences during the war, until it was too late. In another story, the author acknowledges the powerful effect of a grateful smile while travelling in foreign climes. Yet another tells the story of a friend with learning disability who overcame daunting odds in order to establish herself in society.

There is also the heartwarming story of a young boy who plots a secret treat for his grandfather. The old man cherished the memory of that day for the rest of his life.

Finally there is the budding writer who wrestles with the question of what life is all about, while another likens it to a series of opening and closing doorways.

The writing in each of these anecdotes has been painstakingly chiselled to near perfection. Each story is accompanied by one or more photographs and a paragraph about its author. While some of the stories can sound a tad mundane, it is clear, that the text has been put together with care and artistry, making it a truly pleasurable read for a lazy summer day.

Warmly recommended.

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