Author: William Andrews
Publisher: MADhouse Press LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9913958-5-9

Author William Andrews is a skilled writer whose keen observation, vivid imagination, excellent research efforts, and emotional connection with his Korean daughter combined to motivate him to write the powerful and riveting historical fiction novel: Daughters of the Dragon: A Comfort Woman’s Story.

A hair comb with a two-headed dragon that belonged to her great-great-grandmother with supposed powers to protect the bearer ... the state of a man’s boots … an understanding of the necessity for Japanese soldiers to “purge themselves” before battle so they could enter the Afterlife in a state of purity … and Ja-hee, a young Korean who “asks too many questions” are continual themes that weave through this book of historical truth and merciless reality. 

Ja-hee is just 14 when she and her sister Soo-Hee are brutally taken from their family and forced to serve as ‘comfort women,’ experiencing thousands of vicious rapes which Ja-Hee experienced as being “nothing more than a toilet to the Japanese” in her time of captivity.

This novel will evoke a wide range of emotions from its readers as Ja-hee shares her painful seldom-told story of ruthlessness and survival at a Japanese comfort station in WW11.  Ja-Hee’s escape from North Korea at the beginning of the Kim dynasty, the reunion with Lieutenant Tanaka and her journey as a single parent of Soo-bo are part of the story she poignantly shares with  Anna, her American granddaughter who returned to Korea in search of her birth mother.

Daughters of the Dragon
is riveting, disturbing and a most thought-provoking book.  Long before they have turned the last page,  as readers engage with the book, they will discover their heart, mind and soul have been deeply touched.  And, then they will “want more.”  The author won’t disappoint, for this book sets the stage for his next book: “The Korean Queen” - the story of Anna’s fourth great grandmother, Korean Empress Myeongseong.

Philosopher Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás (known as George Santayana) wrote that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."   Thanks to the exceptional writing skills and intriguing plot development of author William Andrews, the comfort women of WW11 (primarily, but not exclusively Korean) will, gratefully, not be forgotten. 

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