Author: Ron Parham

ISBN: 978-1940222424

Publisher: Pen-L Publishing


The beauty of the moon in any of its shapes can bring out a smile in anyone’s face. Molly would look at the silver moon and her mother referred to it as her toenail moon or Molly’s Moon. But, when the sky becomes dark with clouds and a storm is brewing what is seen is nothing but darkness as the stars are hidden, the moon’s light is dimmed and the world knows something is about to happen. Sept. 11, 2001 is a day that no one will ever forget. As both Towers toppled and collapsed and the west side of the Pentagon was destroyed a faceless predator attacked America using his minions as his protective shield. Thousands of lives were lost, memorials over the years are still held and one question will never be fully answered: WHY?

School trips require planned, supervision and direction for all those involved. A leader needs to be aware of everyone’s whereabouts and concerned with their welfare. But, what happens when a school trip to Mexico to help build homes for poor people turns tragic? What happens when a caravan of vans headed for the border, hoping to be able to cross loses one group and the end result will change the lives of three girls, their teacher and many families due to the negligence of the leader. 

Ethan Paxton and those attending the same business trip in Amsterdam learned about the falling of the Towers each in their own way. Fearing for his children’s safety and hoping they would cross the Mexican border before it might be closed, Ethan needed to contact his son and daughter praying for their safety. Distraught, not sure where his children were, and hoping that he would learn that they were safe a simple phone call from his son creates a heart stopping moment that sends him into a frenzy and instills more than just fear in his heart and mind. As his son, Charlie, relays the events to him and the possible outcomes discussed everyone waits and hopes for a clue about the whereabouts of Molly, her two friends and their teacher. But, clues are few and the reason for their disappearance brings to light just how dangerous some parts of Mexico City and Mexico can be as the author brings to light within this complex novel the issue of slave trade or human sex trafficking

Scenes vividly depicted and artistically crafted readers will find themselves enduring what each girl felt, their inner most feelings and the pain inflicted on each one of them by their captors. But, Charlie was determined to find his sister and taking the first step to meet with Jake was it. Smart, astute and willing to take risks and listen taking direction from Jake, they backtrack the direction of the caravan and find some remarkable clues. But, clues are not enough and meeting with the school’s Principal would not only anger both Charlie and Jake but also makes you wonder just why he was allowed to run a school no less a trip. 

What if you were the main prize for the kidnappers because of the way you look and sound? What if you were the reason that might save your friends? How far would Molly go to risk her life to safe her friends? Drugged, tied up and placed in a filthy room unable to focus or communicate, the three girls and their teacher would remain. Smart, strong willed and feisty Molly would prove over and over again that she was more than just loyal to her friends.

Natalia Blanco was their primary caretaker forced to work with the kidnappers or face death herself. Afraid, fearful and not wanting to anger the man she thought she loved, this lone woman would be the salvation of the girls. But, screams, smacks and loud thumps filled the air as their teacher would endure a slow death as one man would not allow anyone to care for her and his cruelty would spread even more.

Friendships are solid within this novel as Ethan and his friend Pete team up to find Molly and hopefully bring her home. But, how would they travel and who would help them would come as result of someone else. Sometimes in bad situations good things happen and friendships can form when you least expect it. The Calderon family was their only hope and joining their charter flight the solution. 

With the help of some retired police officers from the San Diego Force, placing his trust in people he never met, Ethan learns the true meaning of sacrifice, understanding and love. As a voicemail from Molly provides the first clue and with the methodical planning of the team Jake created, the hope of find Molly increased. But, deceits, lies and truths would be told as the Calderons share the real reason for why they want to help Ethan and Vicki shares one of her own. From Mexico City, to Tijuana and places throughout Mexico a sick and deranged killer executed what he thought was a perfect kidnapping until it wasn’t. As Jake and his team finally get a handle on where Molly and the others might be, they fall prey to a trick that costs one man his life.

Revenge, hate, prejudice, deceits, lies and so many that could not be trusted as the killer learned where Molly was but who close to the investigation was a mole? Author Ron Parham takes us back 13 years to America’s worst nightmare, reliving the horror, reminding us that America cannot afford to sleep. Molly’s Moon: Will she see it shine or will the light be permanently dimmed? With countries around the world not foreign to these attacks, with an author that showed how many embraced our pain this is one book that just might unite so many remind us that we need to embrace our freedom and the cultures of others because that’s what makes Americans special.

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