Author: Ylleya Fields
Illustrator: Michael LaDuca
Publisher: Belle Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-578-11304-3

“Mommy, I’m scared. What if I don’t like school? What if no one likes me? Or my tutu’s not cool?” Cupcake worries in Ylleya Fields’s children’s book, Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go to School.

At thirty-two pages, this oversized hardbound targets young children who may be wary starting preschool or kindergarten. With no scary or violent scenes, it is a good book to read aloud to beginner readers as it contains a few complicated words. Using a vibrant purple color on inside jacket flaps, the artful, large illustrations grace every page with a small but readable black font against a white background. LaDuca’s artworks are easy to understand, captivating the scene and characters’ emotions.

In this second in the series tome, the African American author that could not find many children’s books depicting her race makes it a point to put children at ease who are going to school for the first time with her sing-songy, rhyming storyline. With two to four lines per page, it is easy to notice the verses.

Princess Cupcake does not want to start school now that the first day has arrived. To get out of going, she first pretends she is sick, but her mother suggests a doctor’s appointment, complete with bad-tasting medicine and a shot. Overcoming faking an illness, she complains her outfit is too messy to wear. It is already washed and ready. Finally, Cupcake hides under her bed, hoping her mother will not find her.

When the two finally arrive at school, her mother calms the young girl down, agreeing it may be scary but not to be afraid of something new. Cupcake meets her new teacher along with a new friend named Violet, who also is wearing a tutu. In the end, Cupcake is happy and not afraid to start school.

Although some parents may be concerned the book does not address the repercussions of a child being untruthful when pretending to be sick or that it may instill fears that doctors give distasteful medicine and shots, the story will, indeed, help those that may be afraid of a new experience such as going to school.

Children of any ethnicity will look forward to the next story of Princess Cupcake in a series that rhymes as it promotes self-worth, individuality, and experiencing new adventures.

Thanks to KSB Promotions for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reviewer’s honest opinion.

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