Author: Daniel Milestein

Publisher: Gold Star Publishing (July 21, 2014)

ISBN-10: 0983552770

ISBN-13: 978-0983552772

Sales may be one of the easiest industries to go into, however, in today's competitive marketplace, if you are a sales professional, it is not enough to be average or a mediocre performer, you must endeavor to become the best at what you do.

To aid you in accomplishing this feat it is essential you seek out advice from very highly intelligent business people who have voyaged across a trail similar to the one that lies in front of you and who are superior in their field. In addition, you have to search out real stories from these mavens who are willing to share their experiences, techniques, ideas, successes and struggles with you. And here is where

Daniel Milstein, best-selling author of The ABC of Sales, 17 cents and a Dream and now his most recent tome Street Smart Selling comes into play as a suitable mentor.

Milstein is not just an ordinary salesperson, he is an equal to some of the great sport's superstars in baseball, football, hockey and soccer.

In the introduction to Street Smart Selling, Milstein informs his readers that after publishing his first book, he had been frequently asked how does one become a top producer? After thinking and analyzing about it in great detail, which included his own experiences and conversations with other successful business people, he began to formulate an answer as to what it takes to become a sales superstar. The culmination of all of this research led him to the authoring of Street Smart Selling, which, as he states is actually a sharing of the techniques and ideas that helped him from from someone who absolutely “sucked” as a salesman to someone who eventually attained great success.

Milstein's formula for success is contained in 200 pages that are spread over 19 chapters wherein he reveals his own personal techniques as well as the heart and soul of what makes top performers tick. Briefly, these include changing mental attitudes so that it becomes an aid and not a hindrance, proven tools to get you on the fast-track to success, discovering motivation and how it can help and achieve professional and personal goals, identifying your strengths and how to use them to your advantage, developing superstar mindset and adjusting your attitudes, setting yourself apart from the competition, planning and implementing a plan, making the sale, paying attention to your customers and following up, requesting referrals, smart marketing, social media, ongoing education, adapting to change, motivating yourself, and chartering your course. Other tips include how to find what motivates you, the perception of yourself, learning the modus operandi from the best, and several lessons. The book also includes a comprehensive index.

No doubt, putting all of this into action requires a great deal of patience, preparation, perseverance, confidence and especially hard work, but as Milestein mentions, “average” does not cut it in the business world and furthermore you don't just stumble into greatness. His appropriate parting words are: “Always be closing.”

Once again with Street Smart Selling, Milstein shows that he fully understands that whether you are a salesperson who is seasoned pro or just starting out, what you really want is a down-to-earth practical book with a great deal of insight bolstered by personal experiences as how to become a top salesperson. And this is exactly what he delivers which is probably more than what you will find in books twice its size. Readers will no doubt profit from Milestein's wisdom provided they follow and apply his road map as well as his strategies and recommendations. The path to success is often filled with obstacles and at times frustrating, but as Milestein states, once you succeed, you will appreciate the final outcome.

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