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Reviewer Conny Withay:Operating her own business in office management since 1991, Conny is an avid reader and volunteers with the elderly playing her designed The Write Word Game. A cum laude graduate with a degree in art living in the Pacific Northwest, she is married with two sons, two daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren.

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By Conny Withay
Published on July 25, 2014

Author: Chef Tom Woodbury
Publisher: Front Table Books
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1446-7

Author: Chef Tom Woodbury
Publisher: Front Table Books
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1446-7

These delicious dishes are bursting with power-packed foods and seasonal ingredients that will give your body and mind an energizing boost,” Tom Woodbury writes on the back jacket of his cookbook, Eat Fresh: Quick and Easy Meals.

At one hundred and fifty-five pages, this square nine-inch paperback targets those looking for fresh, delicious recipes that can be made quickly and easily. After an introduction, the book is divided into six chapters. Full-page colored photographs cover about one-third of the completed concoctions. The ending includes measurement equivalents, topical index, and the author’s biography.

With over one hundred and twenty recipes, Chef Woodbury begins the book explaining something as simple yet complex as eggs and its uses, along with meringue and organic food.

Divided into food-group sections, there are twelve breakfasts, fifteen appetizers, nineteen sides, eighteen soups and salads, forty-one main meals, and eighteen dessert meals listed. With one to two dishes per page or pages, its heading at the top includes the serving size with a sentence below about the recipe’s specialty. All ingredients are listed with the quantity in black ink and the items needed in red. Numbered instructions follow, sometimes including an oven mitt icon for additional notes or suggestions with occasionally smaller photographs inserted.

Some of the delicious sounding recipes are Berry Coulis, Easy Bacon and Sage Frittata, Grill Roasted Baba Ghanoush, Truffle Parmesan Popcorn, Pumpkin Gnocchi with Citrus Brown Butter, Herbed Spaetzle, Kalamata Lentils, Crème Brulee Sweet Potatoes, Peach Pazanella, Saffron Seafood Soup, Fruitti de Mare, Garam Marsala, Figgy Pork Chops, Zinger Dogs, Pizza Bianco, Easy Mint Chocolate Cake, and Orange Meringue Cookies.

While the Coconut Chicken Curry that serves six to eight people contains twenty ingredients, the two-serving Grapefruit Brulee uses only fruit and brown sugar. Both dishes only have four steps to make. No total preparation times are given for any of the recipes yet they seem to be to the point and simple to make.

With the author always being interested in experimenting with food combinations, there are several unique and flavorful suggestions. Although all meals do not include colored photographs, this book is a reliable source for fresh, fast meals that can be enjoyed time and time again.

Thanks to Cedar Fort for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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