Author: Nick Redfern

Publisher: New Page Books

ISBN: 978-1-60163-311-8

Pssst. Hey you. Yeah, you…come closer. Over here, in the shadows. I can’t show my face. My life is in danger. Yours too, probably, now that you’ve been seen with me. Just reading this places you in untold peril. Who am I? Not who they told you I am.

Ok, just call me a reviewer. But trust me, reader, I’m on your side. There are forces out there – powerful forces who do NOT want you to read this review. Like I said, you’ve got to be careful. My advice – read this review fast. But read it – IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.

So there’s this book by a guy…let’s call him Nick Redfern. The book is called Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind. Well, that’s what his publishers are calling it. Let’s just go along, huh? Makes things much easier. No need to call any more attention to ourselves then necessary. Fancy subtitle too (probably just part of his cover). “Suspicious Deaths, Mysterious Murders, Bizarre Disappearances in UFO History.” Polite words – probably written by THEM. Who are they?

The ones who don’t want you to find out the truth. But I know the truth, because I read the book. So let me help you out -- and trust me, you need help. You probably still believe the government, right? Man, they’ve gotten to you good! How about the media? Think you’re getting the whole story? Brother, you ARE getting the whole story – but the story is made up, manufactured, sanitized, served up in subliminal doses of bandwidth that fry our minds and sizzle our synapses. They make us THINK we know what’s happening.

What do you mean, you’re confused? I’M TRYING TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH HERE. Ok, I’ll break it down. Listen closely – I can only say this once.

This Redfern guy KNOWS the truth, and he serves it up in 18 chapters, with titles like “Zapped by a UFO?”, “When Murder and Suicide Cross Paths,” and “A Contract on the Commander in Chief.” I’m telling you, this book will OPEN YOUR EYES to what’s happening out there. Yes, I mean OUT THERE, as in the great unknown, outer space. Except it’s not unknown – you gotta get hip to what’s happening. We KNOW what’s out there – I mean, WHO’S out there. Dude, they have been here, on Earth. In fact, they are here now!

How do we know all this? Redfern knows – and he quotes hundreds of sources, from government employees and ex-military men to private citizens who all share anecdotes – never mind if their stories can be proved…dude, YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT – that provide a picture of what happens when you get to close to the truth. Blip! You’re gone! (Hey, in the very first chapter, he tells the story of a guy who simply looked up in the sky, saw a UFO, and his skin melted!! Not lying, bro! Redfern bravely concludes: “Was it possibly the result of a terrible alien weapon? We may never know….” Guy’s trying to be objective, but come on…USE YOUR HEAD! Obviously it was an alien weapon – why else would it be in this book?

This 200-page book is filled with this kind of stuff. You can call it speculation if you want. That’s what most readers would call it. That’s what most researchers would call it too. Lacking credibility, you say? What are you – one of THEM? You better get hip before it’s too late.

There’s a bunch of us out here, man. Trust me, we’re here. Off the grid, but here. And we know that what Redfern writes is the TRUTH. Man’s a prophet! He’s written like 20 books. You think he could have written that many books if he wasted his time verifying all the stuff in those books? Who do you think does the verifying in our world? Yeah, you got it: the POWERS THAT BE.

You can keep your establishment propaganda. I’ll believe Redfern. As he says in the final paragraph of this spellbinding and frightening book, “To UFO witnesses, investigators, abductees, researchers, and just about anyone and everyone thinking of immersing themselves in the world of the flying saucer, I say this: tread very carefully, lest you tread no more. Ever.”

You’ve been warned.

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