Author: Kris Galicia Brown
Publisher: Front Table Books
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1258-6

Having perfect cake pop dough is the key and the foundation to making beautiful cake pops – it is the canvas where everything rests, including the stick,” Kris Galicia Brown writes in her book, Pop Art: Decorating & Shaping Custom Cake Pops.

At two hundred and thirty-six pages, this over-sized hardbound targets those interested in making charming and creative cake pops. With both small and full page color up-close photographs, instructions, and tips, there are over forty finished designs. The ending includes an index along with the author’s biography.

After acknowledgments and an introduction, seven chapters discuss the tools, equipment, dough making, assembling, decorating, refrigerating, and troubleshooting along with cake pop basics. There are over one hundred and twenty pages dedicated to custom designing the pops. The last two chapters cover cake and binder recipes and where to buy cake and candy supplies.

Using silicone bowls, toothpicks, Ziplock bags, and paramount crystals, there is a myriad of additional tools and utensils to get started making pops. Having the proper cake dough consistency by using a binder, the correct texture can be achieved. By keeping it simple, the author does not use edible-ink pens, dye in candy melts, or fondant but offers color theory of candy wafer mixes and how to dip, decorate, dry, and set the pops. Optional decors, sprinkles, candies, and food items are mentioned as well as dealing with problems.

From three to four pages each, custom themes of animals, birds, fish, fruits, foods, and holidays list ingredients needed, preparation, and decorating instructions along with optional additions and a color photograph. More eclectic designs are mermaid tails, tikis, popsicles, barbeque grills, hot cocoa mugs, tea cups, molars, and hot air balloons. The four recipes for cakes are vanilla bean, snickerdoodle, chocolate, and red velvet with two binders being cream cheese buttercream and honey buttercream.

Often using a cookie scoop to obtain the mixture of crumbled cake with an added binder, forms can be shaped and chilled before they are dipped into a microwaved candy wafer concoction and decorated.

No doubt time-consuming, these unique cake pops are the perfect answer for edible gifts, impressive party sweets, or fun-filled treats for any occasion to celebrate. The only problem will be having the heart to eat a pop, destroying its cute creation!

Thanks to Cedar Fort for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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