Authors: The Editors of Women’s Day Magazine
Publisher: Hearst Editions
ISBN: 978-1-936297-72-6

These busy women were all pleasantly surprised by how much joy and confidence they gained from building just a little more “me” time into their day – whether they were using that extra 2 minutes for meditation or makeup,” the editors of Women’s Day Magazine write in their how-to book, 7 Years Younger Instant Makeovers: The Quick & Easy Anti-Aging Plan for Beautiful Skin, Hair, Mind & Body.

This three hundred and thirty-six page hardbound targets women in their thirties to sixties who want to feel and look seven years younger. The book includes small to full page colored photographs along with nine color-coded chapters for easy use. An extensive appendix with a directory of experts and an alphabetical index complete the book.

Compiled results of a dozen female panelists from age thirty-six to sixty-four years old have tried and tested over one hundred mini-makeovers, giving before and after results in addition to their personal experiences.

The first five chapters concentrate on the hair, face, eyes, smile, and skin while the next four focus on diet, fitness, sleep, and stress. Each chapter lists several mini-makeovers, step-by-step instructions, tips, sidebars of trouble-shooting ideas, and quickie guides, besides “fix it fast” and “fix it so it lasts” remedies. Actual names of products and prices including where to purchase them are listed.

Here are nine chapter headings discussed with one mini-makeover example in each and the number of makeovers in each chapter:
Help Your Hair: Go Gray the Right Way – 8
Refresh Your Face: Shrink Visible Pores – 7
Brighten Your Eyes: Get Lusher Lashes – 9
Boost Your Smile: Plump Up Thinning Lips – 5
Smooth Your Skin: Smooth Out Cellulite – 10
Your Food Fix: Do Trail Mix Better – 25
Your Fitness Fix: Boost Your Balance – 18
Sleep Better: Prime Your Bedroom – 6
Stress Less: Calm a Hot Heat – 13

As the book emphasizes aging and how to slow the process down or hide its eventual outcome, the goal is to make women look and feel years younger by being proactive and  diligent it taking care of their bodies. With little mention of the effects of menstruation or menopause as women get older, it contains almost all aging aspects, offering inexpensive to expensive options.

Ladies, next time you want to make yourself more attractive or healthier, or feel younger, pick up this book and flip through the pages of the plethora of ideas, tips, and trusted changes to look better.

Thanks to Hearst Editions for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinion.

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