Author: Carole P. Roman
Publisher: Red Feather Publishing
ISBN: 978-1495-379932

If you were me and lived in Portugal (Port-tu-gal), you would find yourself on the Iberian (i-ber-i-en) Peninsula in the most western country on the mainland of Europe,” Carole P. Roman writes in her children’s story, If You Were Me and Lived In … Portugal – A Child’s Introduction to Culture Around the World.

Part of the worldwide series, this twenty-eight page paperback targets preschool to early elementary school aged children and readers who like learning words from other countries. With no profanity, scary scenes, or violence, the book would best be read to beginner readers based on some of the more complicated words. Colorful illustrations usually cover one side of the page with a nicely sized font wording on the opposite side. One large color photograph is also included. Two pages at the end of the book explain how to pronounce certain words and their meanings.

Portugal is an interesting place as it was named after its second largest city, Porto. The reader learns that Lisbon is its capital, one of the oldest cities in the world and the oldest in Western Europe.

A unique place to visit is the Azores, a chain of nine volcanic islands that are a habitat for animals and birds where people can scuba dive and hike too.

There are many activities in the country such as playing futebol, soccer, or ping pong, which was invented there. The people celebrate the Portugal Carnevale every February where there is dancing, parties, floats, and interesting things to eat.

Favorite foods are bacalhau (salted cod), grilled sardines, arroz de marisco (rice and seafood), and francesinha, a meaty sandwich. Tasty desserts are pastelis de nata (custard tart with cinnamon) and pudim abade de priscos (cake with bacon-flavored caramel and honey-baked figs).

The reader learns foreign words such as euros for money, boneca for a doll, and escola for school. Also taught are common names for boys and girls along with what to call parents.

Not written as a fictional story, this educational book is a simple way for a young child to learn about a foreign land, especially if he or she knows someone is living there or planning a trip to visit.

With so many countries around the world, one looks forward to future books in the series to learn more about a particular location.

Thanks to Red Feather Publishing for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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