Author: Carol Cox
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0957-4

I’m trying not to harm the company. This is not a vendetta. I’m merely trying to find out the truth …. And if it turns out that my father was mistaken and Great Western has only beneficial things planned for their work in this area, I will be glad to print a retraction,” Amelia explains in Carol Cox’s book, Truth Be Told.

This three hundred and fifty-two page paperback targets those who like historical fiction with a little romance during the late nineteenth century in the Wild West. With no profanity, sex, or extreme violence, the subject would be apropos for teenage to adult readers.

In the small town of Granite Springs, Arizona in 1893, Amelia Wagner has returned home to visit her ailing father who owns a newspaper business. When he dies, she willing takes over his business, committed to continue reporting the truth in all circumstances.

In going through her father’s previous articles with his trusted older assistant, she learns of possible subterfuge happening with Great Western Investment Company, a business run by Owen Merrick who plans to start hydraulic mining in the area.

When Merrick realizes the newspaper owner’s daughter is also persistently digging into his business, he asks new employee, Ben Stone, to keep tabs on the girl and win her over to write a retraction about the negative reports.

Accepting the young man’s interests, Amelia, in turn, asks the newcomer to spy on his boss to glean more information on why so much land is being bought by the company. Ben, not wanting to be a part of the skullduggery, has to step carefully between the two rivals to keep his job intact and continue to be with the woman that fascinates him.

Questioning what truths will be uncovered involving the town, Amelia and Ben must work together to uncover the facts or forgery of documentation as supposed accidents increase around them. Only when they learn to put their trusts in God instead of themselves or others, do they unmask the inconsistencies and learn who is behind them.

With little action initially, the read is fast but predictable as the young couple sort out the mystery involving her stepfather, an investment banker, and her father’s supposed unlikely partnership to find the truth.

Thanks to Bethany House for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinion.

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