Author: Lillian Duncan
Publisher: Harbourlight Books
ISBN: 978-1-61116-286-8

Betrayal was an understatement. Maria didn’t have a word big enough to describe what Raymond had done to her – and to Layla, their daughter. She forced the pain away. Better to keep it dead and buried – just like her name, her past, and her identity,” Lillian Duncan writes in her latest novel, Betrayed.

This two hundred and sixty-eight page paperback targets those that enjoy Christian fiction with suspense and light romance. With no profanity or violence, the scenarios containing abuse may not be apropos for immature readers. Scripture used is taken from the New International Version of the Bible.

In this tome based in Sunberry, Ohio, Maria Hammond and her daughter, Layla, try once again to have a normal life protected by America’s Witness Protection Program. With name and location changes for the third time in a year, the mother will do anything in her power to keep her daughter safe, especially when it involves her deceased husband.

Running a small flower shop in a small town, the ever cautious Maria settles in with her new life, enjoying the company of Conrad Travis, a local policeman who has become enamored with the strong, independent but secretive woman.

When Layla comes home from school reporting she saw her dead father’s angel, Maria becomes concerned. Hours later the woman receives a phone call that will alter her thought process: her dead husband, Raymond, demands she give his daughter back.

Unwavering in protecting her daughter and not trusting anyone, the mother and daughter flee the area when one of Layla’s friends is missing. Thinking Raymond is involved in the kidnapping as an exchange for Layla, Maria prays to God for guidance as she questions her core beliefs in helping others.

As the father of her daughter calls more often, the monster and his cohorts demand the attention of the FBI and U.S. Marshalls along with the local police department to obtain his child.

A fast read that blends suspense with intrigue and clean romance, the plot twists often so the reader, like Maria, questions who to trust and believe or if Raymond is truly deceased. Fourth book from the author, the writer keeps one guessing while promoting God is ultimately in control.

Thanks to The Book Club Network Inc. and Pelican Ventures, LLC for furnishing this book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinions.

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