Authors: Keith Egawa and Chenoa Egawa
Illustrators: Keith Egawa and Chenoa Egawa
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-0-615769110

Tani, you must find the heart. The heart of the world. The heart of the people. The heart of all that lives. That is what you will find on this journey,” the young girl’s grandmother tells the child in Keith Egawa and Chenoa Egawa’s children’s book, Tani’s Search for the Heart.

This oversized forty-two page paperback targets elementary school-aged children who enjoy magical stories about animals, ecology, and preserving the earth. With no profanity or violence yet some mildly scary scenes, the book would best be read out loud to beginner readers based on some of the more complicated wording. Due to its lengthy read, young ones will need to take several days to get through its entirety. The punctuation and capitalization errors may erroneously teach new readers inconsistencies in rules. Following the storyline, the partial and full-page colored illustrations along with black and white drawings are easy to understand and engaging.

In this tome, young Tani lives with her grandmother in a small Pacific Northwest village near the Salish Sea. While the grandmother tells ancestral stories of the frightful Stick Indian and animals who converse with humans, Tani grasps her every word, promising to find the “heart” to keep the forest from being cut down and destroyed.

When her grandmother dies, she moves in with her uncle, aunt, and baby cousin, Droopy Drawers. As Tani mourns the loss of her grandmother, she remembers the promise she made and starts on her journey to find the heart that she believes is located at the sea.

Learning about the “serious constitution,” trusting and relying on others that do not always get along, and looking inward, the young girl’s travels introduce her to many talking animal friends such as Otter, Big Ned the Salamander, Frog, Fisher, Bear, Stubby Squid, the Lumpys, and Eagle who guide her to her destination.

Although a long and tedious read for beginners, if the length and written errors are over-looked, the lesson promoted teaches we are continually responsible for keeping our world safe and sound for animals and people that live here.

Thanks to the authors for furnishing this book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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